The best iPad Air 5 cases and covers

The best iPad Air 5 cases and covers

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If you’re readying connected pre-ordering the latest iPad Air 5 aft Apple’s Peek Performance event, you’re not alone. The iPad Air 5 is acceptable to beryllium 1 of the apical consumer-focused tablets connected the market, with its caller M1 chipset, 5G, and upgraded front-facing camera with Center Stage. If you’re dropping $600 oregon much connected a caller iPad Air, you’ll privation to guarantee you support that gorgeous 10.9-inch show from scratches, scuffs, and impact. That’s wherever a durable protective lawsuit comes in, and determination are already immoderate large options disposable to take from. We’ve done the hard enactment and rounded up six of the champion iPad Air 5 cases and covers for you close here, from slim folios to rugged options.

Looking to usage your caller tablet for work? Then you’ll besides privation to cheque retired our prime of the champion iPad Air 5 keyboard cases.

Apple Smart Folio

Apple Smart Folio successful  greenish  for the iPad Air 5 showing disconnected  its slim construction.

First up is Apple’s classical Smart Folio, which comes successful a prime of 8 colors. True, it volition acceptable you backmost $79, but it’s specifically designed to snugly acceptable the iPad Air 5, and it’s made with the high-quality materials you’d expect from Apple. This thin, airy folio lawsuit offers all-round extortion for your caller tablet with car wake/sleep function. It attaches magnetically to your iPad Air and folds retired into an adjustable kickstand for reading, typing, oregon video calls. If you’re aft the implicit Apple experience, this is the lawsuit to get.

SwitchEasy Origami Wallet Leather Case

The SwitchEasy Origami Wallet Case successful  Pastel Green connected  the iPad Air 5, showing the latch closure and the folded retired  kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Available successful Navy Blue oregon Pastel Green (pictured), SwitchEasy’s Origami Wallet lawsuit is simply a slim, form-fitting lawsuit made from genuine premium leather. With its brushed leather outer and microfiber lining, it provides 360-degree extortion for your iPad Air 5 and adjacent features raised bumpers wrong the lawsuit for added extortion should you driblet your tablet with the lawsuit open. The magnetic closure supports your tablet’s car sleep/wake relation to conserve artillery life, and the origami plan of the lawsuit folds into 4 antithetic basal positions successful scenery oregon representation mode for comfy viewing, typing, reading, oregon hands-free video calls.

Olixar Leather-Style Stand Case

The iPad AIr 5 successful  Olixar's Leather-Style Stand lawsuit  successful  black, showing the extracurricular  of the sleek lawsuit  and it folded into a kickstand.

For those who similar vegan leather, Olixar’s leather-style basal lawsuit is simply a budget and planet-friendly choice. Available successful a prime of classical achromatic oregon roseate gold, this sleek lawsuit looks nonrecreational capable for the bureau oregon lawsuit meetings. It’s lightweight, slim, and features interior gaffe pockets for gathering papers, documents, oregon question tickets. With its padded leather-style outer and microfiber interior, your tablet stays harmless from scratches and scuffs, portion a robust integrative framework with reinforced corners and anti-fall extortion ensures your iPad is besides protected from drops and impact. The lawsuit folds retired into a viewing basal that tin beryllium adjusted to assorted angles for viewing oregon typing.

GUDOU Ultra Slim Trifold Case

GUDOU Ultra Slim Trifold Case successful  pastel bluish  connected  the iPad Air 5 showing disconnected  the case's ultra slim form.

This adjacent lawsuit combines the quality of a wide lawsuit with the all-round extortion of a folio. The Trifold lawsuit features a translucent backmost screen with colored brushed bumpers for extortion from interaction and a folding folio-style screen that keeps your surface safe. Both the beforehand and backmost screen are easy detachable, truthful you tin usage either connected its own, depending connected your needs. This lawsuit besides features a useful built-in Apple Pencil holder and supports your tablet’s car sleep/wake function. Pick it up successful Misty Blue (pictured), Matcha (mint green), oregon pink.

Spigen Tough Armor Pro Case

The iPad Air 5 successful  Spigen's Tough Armor Pro Case successful  black, showing the extreme, rugged level   of extortion  connected  connection    from the beforehand   and backmost  of the case.

Spigen is known for its rugged, protective cases, and the Tough Armor Pro lawsuit for the caller iPad Air 5 is conscionable astir the champion extortion you tin get. This lawsuit offers precocious daze absorption acknowledgment to Air Cushion technology, with a 2mm articulator astir the surface and reinforced corners for enhanced driblet protection. It adjacent packs a built-in Apple Pencil holder portion maintaining a comparatively slim, sleek profile. It’s 1 of the much costly cases connected our list, but it’s worthy each penny if you’re looking for utmost extortion for your caller tablet.

MaxCases Extreme-X Case and Screen Protector

MaxCases Extreme-X Case for the iPad Air 5 showing disconnected  the cases's rugged extortion  beforehand   and back.

The last lawsuit connected our database is different rugged enactment — this clip with an included surface protector for 360-degree protection. This lawsuit features enhanced country extortion and impact-absorbing bumpers to support your iPad harmless from drops and impact, with an integrated Apple Pencil holder, rotating manus strap, and useful enarthrosis strap for hands-free carrying. The built-in kickstand tin beryllium adjusted to 2 antithetic angles for viewing, reading, video calls, and more.

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