The best iPad Air 5 keyboard cases

The best iPad Air 5 keyboard cases

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Apple’s latest iPad Air 5 looks stunning, truthful if you’ve already pre-ordered yours, we tin stake you’re excited for its arrival. With its caller M1 chip, upgraded front-facing camera, and 5G, it’s a fantastic prime for enactment oregon play.

While you hold for your iPad Air 5 to arrive, it’s the cleanable clip to store for a protective lawsuit to support that 10.9-inch show harmless from impact, scratches, and scuffs. And if you’re readying connected utilizing your iPad for enactment and productivity, chances are you’re aft a keyboard case. With truthful galore cases with detachable keyboards retired determination to take from, uncovering a reliable 1 tin beryllium tricky. Not to worry! We’ve rounded up immoderate of the champion iPad Air 5 keyboard cases astir close now, and we’ll adhd to this database arsenic we find much fantabulous choices.

Don’t request a keyboard? Then you’ll privation to cheque retired our roundup of the best iPad Air 5 cases, including slim, rugged, and crystal wide options.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Air 5 showing the slim keyboard.

Check successful for the afloat Apple acquisition with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio. It’s not cheap, but you get the high-quality operation you’d expect from Apple. The keyboard adjusts to 2 convenient typing angles and is speedy and responsive for typing emails, enactment reports, and more, though it feels a small cramped compared to a full-sized keyboard. You don’t request to discarded clip pairing oregon charging this keyboard either, arsenic it draws powerfulness from your iPad — a large positive for those who ever hide to complaint their keyboard — truthful conscionable connect it and get going.

ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case

The iPad Air 5 successful  an ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case showing the responsive keyboard and detachable case.

This adjacent lawsuit from ESR ticks each the productivity boxes. The keyboard lets you rhythm done 7 backlit colors and 3 brightness levels, portion an 800mAh artillery gives you up to 3 months’ regular usage earlier you’ll request to recharge. You besides get a precision trackpad with afloat multi-touch motion enactment and a enactment of iPadOS shortcut keys for adjusting your screen, switching tasks, and more.

The lawsuit itself has a unafraid magnetic latch to support your iPad surface harmless connected the go, and car sleep/wake relation to conserve artillery life. The floating cantilever basal adjusts seamlessly to aggregate angles for the perfect, comfy typing experience. This keyboard is simply a large enactment for those who walk hours a time typing connected their iPad, and the backlighting ensures you tin spot what you’re doing successful adjacent the darkest environments.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio

The iPad Air 5 resting astatine  an space  successful  the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, showing the sleek, ultrathin case.

Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Folio is, arsenic its sanction suggests, ultrathin and light. Yet it incorporates a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard with iOS shortcuts, large for longer typing sessions oregon anybody who struggles with cramped keyboards. The lawsuit itself is durable and h2o repellent, with a SecureLock strategy that holds your iPad Air firmly successful the frame, hidden magnets to support the folio closed, protecting your tablet’s surface from scratches, scuffs, and impact, and car sleep/wake function. The lawsuit folds retired into a dual-view basal for typing and viewing, and you’ll get astir 3 months’ artillery beingness from a afloat complaint with the included USB cable. It comes successful a sleek Midnight Blue that looks nonrecreational capable for the office.

Zagg Pro Keys Keyboard Case

Zagg Pro Keys Keyboard Case with the iPad Air 5 propped astatine  an angle.

If artillery beingness is simply a cardinal information erstwhile choosing the close keyboard case, this from Zagg won’t disappoint, offering up to 1 twelvemonth of artillery beingness connected a afloat charge. The durable PC Case features country bumpers and rubberized edges and fastener covers to support your iPad safe, providing 6.6 feet of driblet protection. Despite this precocious level of protection, this is simply a slim, lightweight lawsuit with a comfortably-sized keyboard that offers a precise typing experience. The keyboard cycles done 7 backlit colors to suit immoderate dim environment, and there’s an in-built Apple Pencil holder too. Both the keyboard and pencil holder tin beryllium easy magnetically detached from your iPad erstwhile you don’t request them.

Brydge Air Max+ Keyboard Case

Brydge Air Max+ Keyboard Case for iPad Air 5.

With the Brydge Air Max+ Keyboard Case, you get what you wage for. This is simply a high-quality lawsuit constructed from durable materials, with antimicrobial extortion built into the exterior of the lawsuit and keyboard. It’s casual to connect to your iPad acknowledgment to the included beardown magnets and SnapFit technology, portion Instant-On connectivity ensures your iPad Air and keyboard are ever acceptable erstwhile you request them. This lawsuit includes a existent autochthonal multi-touch trackpad, 1 of the lone third-party cases connected the marketplace to see this, and you get military-grade driblet extortion against drops of up to 4 feet too. What much could you want?

Logitech Combo Touch Backlit Keyboard Case

Logitech Combo Touch backlit keyboard lawsuit  with an iPad Air 5 showing the backlit keys.

The last lawsuit connected our database is different Logitech pick. This clip it’s an ultra-thin, airy lawsuit with a woven cloth outer and a laptop-like keyboard. No request to brace oregon complaint this lawsuit to get started typing — it uses SmartConnector tech and draws powerfulness from your iPad, positive it supports the car sleep/wake relation to conserve artillery life. You get 4 usage modes: Type Mode, View Mode, Sketch Mode, and Read Mode. The useful kickstand offers 50 degrees of tilt, truthful you tin easy find the cleanable typing oregon viewing angle, and talking of viewing, it’s casual to detach the keyboard erstwhile you’re watching videos oregon speechmaking connected your iPad.

This lawsuit is molded for a perfect, precise fit, protecting your tablet from interaction and scratches. It boasts the largest trackpad of immoderate Logitech keyboard lawsuit to date, and you tin usage your favourite Multi-touch trackpad gestures. There’s besides a useful enactment of iPadOS shortcut keys, and the keyboard has adjustable backlighting with 16 levels of brightness that tin beryllium easy tweaked utilizing the shortcut keys. Finally, this lawsuit features an unfastened broadside truthful you tin complaint your Apple Pencil without removing the case. Pick it up successful Oxford Grey oregon Sand (a lighter grey).

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