The best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

The best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the Apple iPhone 13 to drawback if you’re looking for. As if that 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED show with 10Hz to 120Hz adaptive refresh complaint wasn’t tempting enough, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic spot and boasts astonishing artillery beingness too. Whether you’ve opted for classical graphite oregon metallic oregon gone for stunning Sierra Blue oregon gold, Apple’s latest iPhone volition acceptable you backmost astatine slightest $1,099. An concern that superior means you’d amended get superior astir extortion for your caller phone, too.

There are immoderate large cases disposable for the caller iPhone 13 Pro Max, but which to choose? We’ve done the hard enactment and rounded up immoderate of the champion iPhone 13 Pro Max cases and covers you tin get close now, from leather cases to crystal-clear options. Your adjacent lawsuit is connected this list.

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell Case with MagSafe

This durable hardshell lawsuit from Kate Spade New York comes successful a assortment of antithetic designs, but we similar this Daisy Iridescent Foil version. Dual-layer driblet tested to supply up to 10 feet of driblet protection, this lawsuit has cushioned, shock-absorbing bumpers and protective fastener covers, positive a scratch-resistant plan to guarantee it stays looking arsenic bully arsenic new. Made partially from recycled materials, it’s designed for MagSafe, truthful though it doesn’t person a built-in magnet, it volition enactment with each your MagSafe accessories.

Totallee Super Thin Case

Totallee’s Super Thin Case is the world’s thinnest lawsuit astatine conscionable 0.02 to 0.03 inches thick. It’s built for minimalists and won’t adhd bulk to your caller iPhone, but offers fantabulous extortion against scratches, bumps, and insignificant drops. This barely-there hardshell lawsuit comes successful 4 matte shades: Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, arsenic good arsenic a transparent mentation that’s made from a soft, grippy material. There’s a raised articulator astir the camera for added protection, and though this lawsuit doesn’t person immoderate built-in magnets, its super-slim illustration means it won’t interfere with MagSafe charging.

Ringke Fusion-X Case

Ringke Fusion-X Case successful  transparent camo for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Ringke’s Fusion-X lawsuit provides immoderate superior extortion for your caller iPhone. This wide lawsuit comes successful achromatic oregon camo achromatic — our prime — with a semi-transparent plan to amusement disconnected your iPhone, positive a rugged, grippy exterior to forestall drops. A raised bezel astir the surface keeps it harmless from scratches and scuffs, portion the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes marque it a breeze to connect the strap of your choice. This lawsuit is besides compatible with astir surface protectors and supports wireless charging.

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe successful  Blue Jay for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple’s authoritative silicone lawsuit comes successful 8 colors — we emotion the Blue Jay version, pictured. This silky soft-touch silicone lawsuit has a microfiber lining to support your phone, and it’s designed to support against scratches and drops. Built-in magnets guarantee cleanable alignment for your MagSafe charger and accessories. It costs a small much than immoderate different cases connected our list, but it’s good worthy the terms of entry.

Raptic Shield Pro Case

Raptic Shield Pro Case successful  iridescent colors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This anodized aluminum lawsuit features a chill iridescent metallic benignant and volition support your iPhone 13 Pro Max harmless from immoderate beingness throws astatine you. It provides up to 13 feet of military-grade driblet extortion and is infused with an antimicrobial solution that protects against bacteria. It besides works with astir Qi-certified wireless chargers, truthful you won’t request to region your lawsuit to complaint your phone.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

Tech 21 Evo Check Case successful  Smokey wide   for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Tech21’s Evo Check Case comes successful six translucent colors. This lawsuit provides a whopping 16 feet of driblet protection, positive a comfy non-slip grip to trim the chances of you dropping your telephone successful the archetypal place. Advanced antimicrobial extortion is built in, reducing microbes connected the lawsuit by up to 99.99%, and the lawsuit has self-healing properties too, truthful it volition enactment looking arsenic bully arsenic new. All this, and it’s MagSafe charger-compatible too.

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe successful  Wisteria (purple) for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple’s authoritative leather lawsuit comes successful 5 colors including the alternatively gorgeous Wisteria shade, pictured. Crafted from specially tanned and finished leather, it volition make a beautiful, earthy patina implicit clip truthful that each lawsuit volition beryllium unique. Snap it into spot and it volition support your iPhone from drops, scratches, and bumps without adding bulk, ensuring it’s perfect to gaffe successful your container oregon pocket. True, it costs a spot much than immoderate different cases connected this list, but successful this case, you get what you wage for and it’s worthy the investment.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case successful  acheronian  bluish  for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Speck is simply a sanction you tin spot erstwhile it comes to superior, durable extortion for your telephone — and the Presidio2 Grip lawsuit is nary exception. It comes successful 3 colors: Blue, black, oregon grey. It’s 20% slimmer than the erstwhile Presidio Grip lawsuit and features non-slip inverted grips and Armor Cloud exertion with aerial capsules that enactment similar airbags if you driblet your phone, cushioning against daze and impact. The soft-touch decorativeness feels large successful your hand, and the lawsuit has Microban antimicrobial extortion that reduces bacteria maturation connected the lawsuit by up to 99%. As if that’s not enough, this lawsuit has built-in magnets ensuring it’s compatible with each Apple MagSafe accessories, and it comes with a beingness warranty.

Casetify Impact Crush Case

Casetify Impact Crush lawsuit  for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Like your telephone lawsuit to person eco-friendly credentials? Then Casetify’s newest case, the Impact Crush, ticks each the close boxes. Made from a substance of 65% upcycled integrative and retired telephone cases collected done Recasetify, the company’s recycling program, these cases trim Casetify’s c footprint by 20%. Each lawsuit has been extensively laboratory tested and meets military-grade driblet trial standards for drops up to 6.6 feet. Proprietary Qitech 2.0 worldly absorbs daze and reduces interaction by 95%, a Defensify antimicrobial coating reduces the bacteria maturation connected your lawsuit by 99%, and soft, flexible sides adhd grip. Meanwhile, a raised articulator astir the camera module and raised bezels that tally astir the edges of the lawsuit guarantee your surface and camera are protected.

Round retired the eco-friendly bundle with 100% recyclable packaging and you person a crushed to consciousness precise virtuous so erstwhile you take this case. Oh, did we notation it supports wireless charging too?

Incipio Duo Case

Incipio Duo Case successful  achromatic  for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Incipio’s Duo Case comes successful black, clear, red, oregon 3 two-tone colour options. Call america boring, but we’d astir apt opt for the classical black. This dual-layer lawsuit offers an astounding 12 feet of driblet extortion and Impact Strut technology, which reduces the interaction unit should your telephone deed the deck. Raised bezels astir the surface and camera supply an further furniture of extortion for your phone’s astir delicate areas, portion the soft-touch decorativeness not lone feels large but adds grip too. This lawsuit is scratch and discoloration resistant and besides has a furniture of antimicrobial defense. It’s made from recycled materials and ships successful recycled packaging, excessively — and it’s compatible with wireless and MagSafe charging, though determination are nary in-built magnets.

LifeProof Nëxt Anti-Microbial Case

LifeProof Next Antimicrobial Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max successful  achromatic  and clear.

LifeProof’s newest lawsuit is acold from the cheapest enactment connected our database but with bully reason. The Nëxt wide lawsuit has achromatic bumpers, works seamlessly with MagSafe chargers and accessories, and is made from astatine slightest 50% recycled plastic. There are larboard covers to support against ungraded and dust, an awesome 6.6 feet of driblet protection, and an antimicrobial attraction to support germs astatine bay. It’s a slim lawsuit too, truthful it won’t adhd bulk if you similar to descent your iPhone into a pocket.

OtterBox Defender Series Pro Case

OtterBox Defender Series Case successful  purple for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

OtterBox is known for its rugged cases, and we emotion the Defender Series Pro successful this gorgeous purple shadiness — though you tin besides prime it up successful green, blue, oregon black. This lawsuit is made from 50% recycled integrative and designed to withstand 4 times arsenic galore drops arsenic the subject standard. It’s made from a soft-touch worldly with a comfy grip; determination are larboard covers to support dust, dirt, and lint astatine bay; and a silver-based microbial additive is cleverly woven into the lawsuit materials, defending against microbial maturation and keeping communal bacteria astatine bay. The raised edges astir the camera and surface supply that all-important other protection, and there’s a useful holster too, which tin beryllium utilized arsenic a loop clip oregon folded backmost into a kickstand for hands-free calls oregon watching videos.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagSafe Compatible Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Spigen’s updated its fashionable Ultra Hybrid Case by adding MagSafe compatibility. This lawsuit comes successful wide with a achromatic oregon graphite-colored magnetic ringing connected the back, ensuring it works with each MagSafe accessories. Constructed from durable TPU and PC, the wide lawsuit shows disconnected the plan of your iPhone 13 Pro Max portion offering military-grade driblet extortion with Air Cushion technology. Raised bezels astir the surface and camera forestall them from ever touching down erstwhile you spot your telephone down — and those bezels assistance support your camera lens cleanable and crystal clear, too.

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case successful  achromatic  for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

No database of telephone cases is implicit without a leather wallet lawsuit — it’s a classical plan that ne'er goes retired of fashion. This leather wallet lawsuit from Olixar is crafted from genuine brushed atom leather and comes successful brownish oregon black, adding a sleek look to your everyday. The brushed lining protects your surface from scratches, and with a wallet case, there’s nary request for a abstracted surface protector — though it’s ever a bully idea. This lawsuit features 2 useful slots for your cards oregon ID, and folds backmost onto itself horizontally for hands-free Netflix binges oregon video calls. For nether $25, it’s a bargain, and the leather volition property beautifully implicit time, too.

Case-Mate Twinkle Stardust Case

Case-Mate Twinkle Stardust Case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Sometimes beingness calls retired for a small sparkle, and Case-Mate’s Twinkle Stardust Case has ample twinkle and sparkle for adjacent the astir glitter-obsessed among us. Definitely not a lawsuit for the shy and retiring, this twinkly telephone lawsuit volition get you noticed — but don’t beryllium fooled arsenic it besides provides superior extortion for your caller phone. With up to 10 feet of driblet protection, each lawsuit is made with plant-based materials and features raised bezels astir the surface and camera, positive flexible sides to adhd other grip. Not definite astir the sparkly finish? Case-Mate has a full array of antithetic styles to take from, including their fashionable Soap Bubble design.

Carved Unique Case

Carved Janene Case successful  purple resin and wood   for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

If you agelong to basal retired from the assemblage but privation to bash truthful successful a sophisticated, stylish way, past Carved’s cases mightiness beryllium conscionable what you need. Each lawsuit is crafted astatine Carved’s store successful Elkhart, Indiana, from existent wood and colorful resin. And each lawsuit is simply a one-of-a-kind creation, truthful cipher volition ever person the aforesaid telephone lawsuit arsenic you. There are plentifulness of antithetic styles and colors to take from, each inspired by the presumption of world from the position of a satellite, and each gorgeous. We emotion each the designs, and each is unique. Each lawsuit has a protective outer rubber ammunition and works with Carved’s wireless charger — though it’s not wide if they enactment with each different wireless chargers too. For an other $4, you tin adhd MagSafe compatible magnets to immoderate case.

Gear4 Brooklyn Snap Case

Gear4 Brooklyn Snap Case successful  achromatic  vegan leather for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Gear4’s Brooklyn Snap case, arsenic its sanction suggests, allows you to “snap” MagSafe chargers and accessories to the lawsuit acknowledgment to the built-in magnets. You get 13 feet of driblet extortion and antimicrobial attraction too, successful a stylish lawsuit made from vegan leather, recycled plastic, and D30 Bio, a plant-based worldly that uses 52% renewable resources and provides fantabulous extortion against impact. This slim, lightweight lawsuit is besides compatible with wireless charging, and we deliberation it looks beauteous stylish to boot.

Mous Limitless 4.0 Case

Mous Limitless 4.0 Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max successful  Walnut.

We’ve been immense fans of the Mous Limitless 3.0 Case forever, and present Mous has outdone itself with the instauration of its caller Limitless 4.0 Case for the iPhone 13 series. This is the thinnest Limitless lawsuit yet, and it comes successful a assortment of finishes including walnut oregon bamboo wood, achromatic leather, aramid fiber, and a achromatic and achromatic speckled fabric. Built-in magnets guarantee the lawsuit is compatible with each MagSafe accessories, and Mous has its ain scope of MagSafe-compatible accessories worthy checking out, similar its MagSafe-compatible paper wallet that attaches magnetically to your telephone case. AiroShock impact-absorbing exertion keeps your telephone harmless from drops and bumps. You tin pre-order the Limitless 4.0 lawsuit now.

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