The best iPhone SE (2022) screen protectors

The best iPhone SE (2022) screen protectors

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The iPhone SE (2022) checks a ample fig of boxes for specified an inexpensive phone. It offers state-of-the-art show via Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, arsenic good arsenic a large main camera, supremely usable software, an HD touchscreen, and a bigger artillery (than its predecessor). However, 1 happening it lacks is simply a Gorilla Glass beforehand (and back). This makes it a spot much susceptible to cracks and chips than its much costly stablemates, specified arsenic the iPhone 13 series. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a database of the champion iPhone SE (2022) surface protectors you tin bargain close now. This covers everything from sturdy tempered solid protectors to much flexible film-based covers, giving you plentifulness to take from.

OtterBox iPhone SE (2022) Alpha Glass Screen Protector

Otterbox iPhone SE (2022) Alpha Glass Screen Protector.

Made from solid fortified by aluminosilicate, this iPhone SE surface protector from OtterBox promises treble the scratch absorption of the mean cover. Its reinforced worldly besides offers shatter-resistant driblet protection, arsenic good arsenic edges little apt to spot than erstwhile models. OtterBox has besides designed it to connection 100% compatibility with cases, truthful you request not interest astir not being capable to support the backmost of the phone. It comes with a constricted beingness warranty.

Spigen Screen Protector AlignMaster GLAS.tR

Spigen Screen Protector AlignMaster GLAS.tR for iPhone SE (2022).

This surface protector from Spigen uses tempered solid with a 9H hardness rating, the highest imaginable level. This means it tin withstand scratches from household metallic objects, specified arsenic knives and keys. It tin besides defy fingerprints and smudges, fixed the oleophobic coating Spigen has added. Other bully features see the information that it has been designed to beryllium compatible with each Spigen case, arsenic good arsenic the auto-alignment installation tray it comes with, making fitting the protector easy.

Speck ShieldView Glass iPhone SE (2022) Screen Protector

Speck ShieldView Glass iPhone SE (2022) Screen Protector.

Here’s a no-fuss tempered solid surface protector from Speck. It carries a 9H hardness rating, protecting the surface from impacts and besides resisting shattering. In opposition to immoderate hard protectors, however, it’s remarkably bladed and lightweight, meaning that it’s besides highly transparent and responsive. On apical of this, it is anti-glare, reducing the magnitude of airy it reflects backmost astatine you. Speck has besides treated it to repel smudges, fingerprint,s and dust, truthful it volition enactment looking bully for the duration.

UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield

UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield for iPhone SE (2022).

UAG’s iPhone SE (2022) surface protector covers each the important bases: 9H hardness, ultraclear and responsive design, smudge resistance, and precise fitting. It whitethorn not adhd immoderate other oregon peculiar features, but it volition surely support your iPhone from mundane damage, arsenic good arsenic much superior thrills and spills. It besides comes with an exertion and cleaning kit, truthful installing it onto your telephone shouldn’t beryllium a hassle.

JETech Screen Protector

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone SE (2022).

This is simply a low-cost iPhone SE (2022) surface protector that offers sizeable worth for money. Like much costly protectors, its tempered solid has a 9H hardness rating, truthful it volition support your iPhone from flimsy and much superior damage. As with galore much premium covers, it’s besides laudably thin, astatine 0.33mm, truthful you’ll bask precocious clarity and precocious responsiveness. Other bonuses see the information that it is fingerprint- and dust-resistant. It has besides been precisely chopped and promises a bubble-free installation. Comes successful a battalion of three, truthful you tin spell hog-wild dropping your iPhone from ladders and staircases.

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone SE (2022).

Sold successful a battalion of two, this fig from ESR is different high-value surface protector that gets the fundamentals right. Its tempered solid promises to defy up to 11 pounds of force, thing which should support it successful 1 portion successful the look of falls and impacts. It comes with cutouts for the Touch ID-enabled Home button, arsenic good arsenic for the talker and selfie camera astatine the apical of the screen. Helpfully, it’s packaged with an installation framework and cleaning kit, truthful you tin beryllium definite that you’ll acceptable it without encountering immoderate difficulties.

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