The best Krig 6 Warzone loadout

The best Krig 6 Warzone loadout

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Looking for the champion Krig loadout successful Warzone? The Krig has taken a beating implicit the past fewer months arsenic the battle royale game has received plentifulness of equilibrium updates. At 1 constituent successful time, the Krig was the best battle firearm successful Warzone, but nerfs to its recoil power sidelined the weapon. Don’t fto these nerfs deter you from picking the Krig, particularly if you’re caller to the crippled and you don’t person galore weapons unlocked.

Using our best Krig loadout, we tin code the issues the battle firearm has with recoil power to marque it easier to handle. This limb genuinely excels connected smaller maps similar Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island, truthful we highly urge trying retired the Krig with 1 of the best SMGs successful Warzone.

Here’s the champion Krig loadout successful Call of Duty Warzone:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 15” CMV Mil-Spec
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • STANAG 60 Rnd
  • Field Agent Grip

To trim the recoil connected the Krig, we’ve gone with the Agency Suppressor which improves the harm range, increases the slug velocity, and provides dependable suppression to support your presumption disconnected the radar erstwhile firing. This attachment does wounded the Krig’s purpose down show velocity and its purpose walking steadiness, but these effects are hardly noticeable in-game.

Equip the 15” CMV Mil-Spec tube to drastically upgrade the Krig’s slug velocity, effectual harm range, and recoil power astatine the disbursal of its mobility stats. By improving some the scope and damage, you tin combat against enemies from agelong scope without having to interest astir immoderate imaginable harm drop-off. The cleanable scope for this physique is the Axial Arms 3x which makes it casual to prime disconnected enemies from afar.

Pick the STANAG 60 Rnd to guarantee you person capable bullets to instrumentality down an full squad without having to reload. Bear successful caput that reloading and aiming down sights is going to beryllium slower arsenic a result, but this tradeoff is worthy it. Finally, the Field Agent Grip swaps mobility for accuracy, improving some the Krig’s horizontal and vertical recoil control.

And that’s everything you request to physique the champion Krig loadout successful Warzone. If you privation to effort retired immoderate meta setups, decidedly springiness our best Warzone loadouts usher a read. Rather physique your ain customized loadout? Check retired our best Warzone guns list to spot which weapons are worthy using.