The best robot vacuum deals on Amazon for October Prime Day

The best robot vacuum deals on Amazon for October Prime Day

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If you've been moping astir the past fewer months regretting the robot vacuum you didn't marque implicit the summertime during Amazon's past Prime Day, mope nary longer. Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale already has aboriginal deals for robot vacuums, and a big of different items are already trickling in. You tin get a bully woody close now, and person your floors looking pristine earlier the household comes implicit for Thanksgiving.

What is starting present arsenic a trickle of discounts volition turn into a flood of deals. So beryllium definite to cheque backmost often arsenic we'll beryllium updating this leafage with much October Prime Day deals.

  • Current price: $799.00
  • Original price: $999.99

The iRobot Roomba s9+ has a fig of utile features including an auto-emptying ungraded bin, astute mapping navigation, and compatibility with some Alexa and Google Assistant. The Smart Maps exertion builds a personalized layout of your surviving area, enabling the iRobot Roomba s9+ to cleanable your location much efficiently. It has a cleaning strategy that lifts and loosens ungraded and automatically increases suction for a deeper cleanable with carpets.

  • Current price: $179.99
  • Original price: $699.99

The XIEBro K10 robot vacuum cleaner has each of the modular features you'd privation successful a robot vacuum but astatine a fraction of the outgo of much costly models. This exemplary is simply a 2-in-1 vacuum and mopping combo with a abstracted particulate bin and h2o tank. It has 2 levels of suction and 4 cleaning way settings. The vacuum and mop can easily beryllium adjusted done the vacuum's distant oregon app. 

  • Current price: $199
  • Original price: $274

The iRobot Roomba 694 comes with an advertised 90-minute runtime, which should beryllium capable to cleanable up each but the largest surviving spaces earlier charging itself. Its Dirt Detect exertion enables the Roomba to put other clip and effort into dirtier areas. To tackle uneven surfaces and antithetic types of floors it has flexible dual brushes that tin set arsenic needed.

More October Prime Day 2022 robot vacuum deals

Before we screen a deal, it has to conscionable 2 main criteria:

  • Be a discount of astatine slightest 20%, oregon ace rare
  • Be a merchandise oregon work we'd either usage ourselves oregon consciousness comfy recommending

We besides walk a batch of clip investigating and reviewing idiosyncratic services and products. When it's relevant, our acquisition volition besides spell into the decision-making process. And if we don't person firsthand knowledge, we pore implicit lawsuit reviews from radical who've really purchased the merchandise oregon utilized the service.

Amazon conscionable keeps handing retired the deals, arsenic agelong arsenic you're a Prime member. The Prime Early Access Sale is simply a two-day lawsuit afloat of discounts and deals for Prime members. As the vacation buying play keeps expanding, this gives aboriginal shoppers a accidental to prime up deals earlier we deed Black Friday.

Also: Prime Day 2: What is Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale?

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