The best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases and covers

The best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases and covers

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Samsung’s caller flagship demands the champion protection, and if you’ve ordered your caller Samsung Galaxy S22, you’ll privation to put successful a lawsuit oregon screen to support your telephone harmless from harm. With its gorgeous 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, the S22 is eye-catching successful each color, whether you’ve opted for the black, white, green, oregon pinkish golden version. When it comes to buying high-quality cases and covers, determination are immoderate large options retired determination offering fantabulous extortion and stylish looks for your phone.

We’ve rounded up immoderate of the champion Samsung Galaxy S22 cases disposable close now. From authoritative Samsung cases to wide cases and more, our database has thing to suit each tastes and budgets. You tin besides cheque retired our roundup of the champion cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Tocol 5-in-1 Case

TOCOL 5-in-1 Case successful  greenish  color.

Why settee for buying conscionable a lawsuit erstwhile you tin get a telephone case, 2 surface protectors, and 2 camera lens protectors astatine the terms of 1 case? The Tocol 5-in-1 Case offers each this and much astatine little than $15. It offers certified military-grade driblet extortion with anti-collision corners and 360-degree airbags for optimal protection. Along with offering robust protection, the lawsuit besides looks attractive, and you tin take betwixt 5 chill colors. You besides get 0.33mm tempered solid that maintains 99.99% effect sensitivity truthful you tin usage your telephone hassle-free.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor Case.

Want a coagulated prime from a reliable brand? Go for the Spigen Rugged Armor case. It has a slim framework with a timeless plan truthful you tin support your telephone successful style. Made of flexible TPU and textured with c fibre detailing, the lawsuit offers a beardown grip truthful you don’t person to interest astir the instrumentality slipping from your hands successful the mediate of a Netflix binge oregon an important call. Plus, it is compatible with wireless and reverse charging, truthful you tin usage your telephone hassle-free.

Samsung Protective Standing Case

Samsung Protective Standing Case successful  Navy Blue for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The archetypal lawsuit connected our database volition acceptable you backmost conscionable implicit $25, but it’s an authoritative Samsung case, truthful you cognize it volition acceptable your S22 perfectly. Available successful navy, white, pink, oregon lavender, the Protective Standing Case has a stylish textured backmost that adds other grip to your phone. This slim, airy lawsuit offers MIL-STD 810G – 516.7 military-grade driblet protection, keeping your telephone harmless should it gaffe done your fingers. It’s wireless charging compatible, too, but possibly its champion diagnostic is the built-in kickstand that folds retired for hands-free video calls oregon Netflix binges.

Official Samsung Leather Cover

Samsung Leather Cover successful  Black for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Add immoderate classical benignant to your S22 with this leather lawsuit from Samsung. Crafted from high-quality genuine leather, it comes successful a heavy green, airy gray, oregon classical black. This slim lawsuit clips onto the backmost of your telephone without adding bulk, making it perfect for those who similar to gaffe their telephone into a pocket. It’s wireless charging compatible, truthful you won’t request to region the lawsuit to foodstuff up your device. True, it volition acceptable you backmost astir $40, but the leather decorativeness volition property beautifully, making this lawsuit worthy each penny.

Olixar Silicone Case

The Olixar Silicone Case successful  mint greenish  for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

For those who similar a brushed case, Olixar’s silicone lawsuit ticks each the boxes. Constructed from a strong, durable gel material, this soft-touch lawsuit feels large successful your hand, portion the silicone consciousness adds a nonslip grip, making it little apt you’ll driblet your phone.

It’s a slim-fitting lawsuit that hugs the S22’s lines perfectly, making it a large prime for those who privation to descent their telephone into a pocket. Raised bezels astir the surface and camera support some harmless from drops oregon bumps. Pick up this lawsuit successful 2 brushed sorbet shades, pastel pinkish oregon mint green, oregon opt for classical black.

LoveCases Gel Case

The LoveCases wide   Gel Case with a achromatic  and yellowish  daisy people     connected  the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Don’t beryllium fooled by however cute this lawsuit is — it offers immoderate superior protection, too. Ultrathin, flexible, and lightweight, the Gel Case from LoveCases comes successful wide with 3 patterns: Yellow and achromatic daisies, achromatic stars and moon, oregon a colorful leopard print. We emotion the springlike vibe of the daisy option. But backmost to that protection! The lawsuit features a nonslip grip with raised bezels astir the camera and screen, and it’s wireless charging compatible, too. At nether $15, it’s 1 of the cutest and affordable wide cases you’ll find.

Ringke Fusion X Tough Case

The Ringke Fusion X Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 successful  wide   with achromatic  bezels.

If you’re superior astir protecting your caller telephone but inactive privation to amusement disconnected its design, this is the lawsuit to get. The hybrid plan features a crystal-clear polycarbonate backmost and resilient brushed TPU bumper. Toughened shock-absorbing corners and a raised bezel assistance gain the MIL-STD 810G — 516.6 military-grade driblet extortion rating, ensuring your telephone stays harmless from adjacent the worst drops. The outer TPU bumper features ridges and a nonslip plan to support your telephone firmly successful hand, portion a USB-C larboard screen keeps retired particulate and dirt.

This slim, futuristic lawsuit has a peculiar interior coating that prevents the lawsuit from scratching your phone, positive a dot-matrix signifier connected the interior to halt bubbles oregon a rainbow effect. You tin prime this lawsuit up successful wide with achromatic bumpers oregon successful transparent camo with achromatic bumpers. You’d beryllium forgiven for reasoning this level of extortion would beryllium expensive, but Ringke’s Fusion X Tough Case volition lone acceptable you backmost $15 — a bargain for sure.

Oterkin Clear Case

TheOterkin Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 with surface  protector.

For those who’ve picked up 1 of the much eye-catching S22 shades, this wide lawsuit shows disconnected your caller telephone successful each its glory. The hard PC ammunition and brushed TPU bumper adhd up to military-grade protection, with airbags successful each country for other daze extortion should you driblet your phone. The wide ammunition is made with anti-yellowing materials truthful your lawsuit volition enactment crystal wide implicit time.

This slim, lightweight lawsuit besides features an antiscratch coating, ensuring it looks arsenic bully arsenic the time you bought it, portion raised edges astir the surface and camera supply further extortion against bumps and drops. Rounding retired the bundle is simply a tempered solid surface protector that works with the S22’s fingerprint reader, truthful you’re getting 360-degree extortion for your caller phone.

Zizo Bolt Case and Screen Protector

The Zizo Bolt Case successful  reddish  with achromatic  accents for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

This military-style lawsuit features a chill perforated backmost sheet and exposed screws, giving it a futuristic look, but it’s much than conscionable stylish. It offers rugged extortion from bumps, drops, and scrapes acknowledgment to its multilayered design. It’s slim capable to gaffe into a pouch yet includes a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing oregon video calls, arsenic good arsenic a heavy-duty 360-degree rotating loop clip, making it the cleanable prime for those with progressive lifestyles. Available successful red, black, oregon bluish for nether $25, it’s a large concern to support your caller telephone safe, immoderate you get up to.

K-max Auto-tok Card Case

The K-max Auto-tok Card Case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 successful  a heavy  metallic green, showing the paper  slot with recognition  cards.

No database of the champion telephone cases is implicit without a paper lawsuit — and we emotion this dual-layer lawsuit from K-max, with brushed TPU and shock-resistant PC construction. Available successful 5 colors — Marine Blue, roseate gold, violet, black, and our pick, Phantom Green — this useful small lawsuit features a sliding dual-spring paper slot to the rear that keeps your slope cards and ID securely stowed away. It’s slim capable to descent into a pocket, features raised bezels to support the S22’s surface and camera, and is compatible with wireless charging and Samsung Pay. At nether $20, it won’t interruption the slope either.

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