The best Sims 4 CC creators and packs

The best Sims 4 CC creators and packs

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Looking for the champion Sims 4 CC packs? Never ones to beryllium outshone, the assemblage has been moving tirelessly since the life game’s merchandise successful 2014 to nutrient a adjacent endless proviso of Custom Content to compliment the game. Creators person adjacent gone arsenic acold arsenic creating full packs’ worthy of customized content, akin to the authoritative Stuff Packs EA release, often centred astir circumstantial themes oregon designs.

So, we’ve decided to spell and bash the dense lifting for you, and database beneath immoderate of the best Sims 4 CC packs you tin download for your crippled close now. Most of the Custom Content featured present is Maxis Match CC, meaning it’s been designed to acceptable the creation benignant of The Sims 4 and should blend with your existing in-game items and Sims seamlessly.

We urge speechmaking our guide on how to install Sims 4 CC packs earlier attempting to use these customized packs to your game.

The champion Sims 4 CC creators are:

  • Felixandresims and HeyHarrie
  • The Plumbob Tea Society
  • Ebonix
  • Illogicalsims
  • Littledica
  • Peacemaker
  • MLys


Felixandresims & HeyHarrie

Felixandresims and HeyHarrie are Custom Content creators who person teamed up to make immoderate of the astir gorgeous furnishings sets disposable for Sims 4 players and genuinely enactment Maxis to shame with however stylish and elaborate their packs are. Below I’ve highlighted the 4 packs they’ve collaborated on, which includes kitchen, bathroom, garden, and children’s furnishings options, and are each escaped to download.

‘The Kichen’ is a, you guessed it, room based worldly battalion containing 56 items, from plants to room accessories to connection tables and built successful appliances. It besides contains 64 antagonistic swatch options and some caller meshes and Maxis mesh edits, to guarantee that the battalion suits your benignant and existent gameplay needs.


‘The Bafroom’ contains a whopping 94 pieces successful it’s postulation and is cleanable for anyone looking for modern options for their Sims bath suite. The bi-fold doors and model options are particularly astonishing for creating unfastened and spacious builds.

‘The Jardane’ is simply a 51 portion plot themed worldly battalion that specialises successful turning your outdoor country into a modern societal hub, and contains seating, appliances, much plants, and adjacent a gaffe and slide, which we each cognize is simply a quintessential enactment piece.


Children thin to get a small spot forgotten astir successful The Sims 4, truthful it’s ever appreciated to spot CC packs aimed astatine the small nippers. The ‘Tiny Twavellers’ worldly battalion contains 67 pieces, including beds, furniture, decoration and toys. Particular highlights see an incredibly elaborate dollhouse and a stuffed crocodile that looks consecutive retired of an Ikea catalogue.

Recommended downloads:


The Plumbob Tea Society

The Plumbob Tea Society were a collaborative radical of contented creators that released immoderate of the astir important and broad worldly packs for The Sims 4 that it’s a marvel they’re free. Each worldly battalion that the PTS released perfectly fills a spread successful contented ne'er rather filled by authoritative packs oregon expansions, and we’ve highlighted beneath 3 of their best.

If you’re looking for a shabby chic solution for your Sims plot oregon outdoors area, past the ‘Cottage Garden’ worldly battalion has you covered…and past some. Containing a staggering 171 items for your greenish fingered Sims, including a wealthiness of cosy covering options, cute floral hairstyles, and much plants and flowers than your nan’s greenhouse. Fellow Simmers who emotion thing much than filling up each disposable abstraction successful their location with plants rise their hands.


‘Rustic Romance’ is simply a wedding themed battalion containing 70 items to assistance your Sims bask their peculiar time successful a precise twee and charming fashion. The battalion contains wedding covering for each ages, hairstyles, wedding themed poses, furnishings and decorations. The creators besides took a precise Maxis attack to naming immoderate of the battalion items too, with peculiar highlights being the ‘Disaster Drapes’ and ‘Forest of Regrets’ planters. Oh no.

Finally, Plumbob Tea Society’s ‘Stellar Stuff’ battalion ditches each the quaint and cutesy themes from the supra 2 packs and goes consecutive otherworldly with a abstraction and sci-fi themed worldly pack. With a whopping 127 items, including postulation themed makeup, hairstyles, clothing, and plentifulness of abstraction themed furniture. Sorry Journey To Batuu, but this is the abstraction themed battalion we deserve.

Recommended downloads:



Ebonix is simply a creator making customized clothes, furnishings and accessories, but specialises successful achromatic and brownish hairstyles for sims, an country notably lacking successful the main crippled since it’s merchandise successful 2014. Ebonix’s creations bring immoderate overmuch needed diverseness to the Sims 4, and look perfectly stunning to boot.

Recommended downloads:



Illogicalsims is simply a contented creator specialising successful minimalist and modern themed customized contented for The Sims 4, truthful if the much rustic styled packs antecedently highlighted aren’t rather your cupful of tea, past this mightiness beryllium for you.

Three of the worldly packs listed below; ‘Minimalist Bedroom’, ‘Contemporary Living’, and ‘Sleek Kitchen’, enactment truthful cohesively unneurotic that we urge downloading each of them for maximum Sim minimalist chic. Each battalion contains astir 20 to 25 items to springiness your builds a cleanable looking presumption and is cleanable for Simmers that convulse astatine the show of clutter.


Because it doesn’t consciousness similar a due location until there’s an overabundance of Ikea furnishings haphazardly built successful it, Illogicalsims has besides created a ‘Simkea’ Stuff pack, containing 45 Ikea-inspired furnishings pieces, including seating, room counters, bookshelves, and desks, to springiness your location that authentic Flärdfull aesthetic.

Recommended downloads:


Littledica is different Custom Content creator specialising successful producing sleek furnishings solutions for your modern Sims. The 3 packs we’ve highlighted below; ‘Eco Kitchen’, ‘Chich Bathroom’, and ‘Modern Kitchen’ each incorporate reasonably neutral swatches to let them to lucifer astir existing colour palettes and styles, making them overmuch much flexible for america successful examination to the basal games somewhat much erratically themed items.

Each battalion contains 40+ themed items, which includes appliances, counters, tables, lighting, and decoration. Because who needs hard thrust abstraction erstwhile we tin download yet different modern furnishings pack?

Recommended downloads:



If you similar your Sim interiors to person a small much colour and individuality, past Peacemaker’s Custom Content packs whitethorn beryllium for you. Focusing connected much creation deco and futuristic themed items, each battalion contains a scope of meshes with a wealthiness of striking swatch options to bring immoderate brightness to your builds. We’ve recommended 3 of Peacemaker’s worldly packs below; the ‘Vara Office’, ‘Serenity Bathroom’, and ‘Future Living’ packs, which showcase Peacemaker’s unsocial benignant and distinctive creations.

Recommended downloads:



Lastly, and for thing a spot antithetic to the supra packs, MLys has created a ‘Pufferhead’ worldly battalion for your wizard obsessed Sims. The battalion contains incredibly elaborate items relating to the fictional ‘Henry Puffer’ universe, including covering and decorations related to the 4 Harnocks houses, arsenic good arsenic a enactment of magic themed furnishings and decorations to infuse your Pufferhead’s rooms with.

Recommended downloads:

Thanks for checking retired our usher to the champion Sims 4 CC creators and packs.  If you’re looking for thing a small much fleshed retired for much Sims 4 goodness, cheque retired the best Sims 4 mods.