The best TV deals on Amazon for October Prime Day

The best TV deals on Amazon for October Prime Day

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If you've been waiting to upgrade your TV, present is the clip to bargain with Amazon's October Prime Day deals. You tin prevention hundreds connected TVs from apical brands similar Sony, LG, and Samsung arsenic good arsenic TCL and Hisense. Prime Members besides get exclusive entree to flash deals connected circumstantial models and discounts connected definite surface sizes.

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Other retailers similar Best Buy and Target are besides moving their ain competitory sales, which means that you could perchance prevention up to $1,700 connected a caller TV for your surviving room, gaming space, oregon bedroom. Keep speechmaking beneath to find retired more.

  • Current price: $1998
  • Original price: $2998

The S95B is Samsung's archetypal OLED model, and you tin prevention $1000 connected the 65-inch version. It uses an OLED sheet with individually lit pixels to springiness you incredibly affluent colors, astonishing contrast, and much lifelike images. It besides utilizes Dolby Atmos and Samsung's Object Tracking Sound technologies to nutrient room-filling, virtual situation dependable for a much immersive experience.

  • Current price: $1597
  • Original price: $2300

The B1 OLED TV from LG whitethorn beryllium a somewhat older model, but that doesn't mean that it isn't an fantabulous TV. It uses an OLED sheet for much lifelike images arsenic good arsenic sharper contrast, portion the 120Hz refresh complaint virtually eliminates question blur. Gamers volition emotion it arsenic good for its dedicated crippled mode with enactment for Nvidia G-Sync VRR to forestall annoying surface tearing and stuttering.

  • Current price: $998
  • Original price: $1300

It's not often that Sony TVs spell connected sale, truthful it's the cleanable clip to drawback up the 55-inch X90K. It uses Sony's proprietary Bravia XR LED sheet to nutrient colors, contrast, and details akin to what you'd find connected their OLED models, but astatine a overmuch much affordable price. It besides works with Dolby Vision HDR for finer opposition and amended colour saturation. And it's optimized for usage with the PlayStation 5, allowing you to get the astir retired of your caller console.

More October Prime Day 2022 TV deals

Here are the latest Amazon Prime Early Access Sale deals we could find connected TVs:

Best TV deals not astatine Amazon

Target, Walmart, and different retailers are moving competing income astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. ZDNET is keeping an oculus connected those income and plans to see the apical deals connected TVs from them.

Best Buy




I chose deals not lone from Amazon, but from different retailers similar Target and Best Buy to guarantee that you'll get the champion terms connected the champion TVs. I besides chose deals connected a assortment of brands and surface sizes to suit marque loyalists arsenic good arsenic bargain hunters. 

The Prime Early Access Sale operates similar July's Prime Day, giving you entree to thousands of deals connected everything from location goods to electronics. It's designed to springiness you a jumpstart connected vacation buying truthful that you tin find large gifts astatine little prices for everyone connected your list.

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