The Best Verizon Phones for 2022

The Best Verizon Phones for 2022

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We enactment dozens of phones a twelvemonth done rigorous investigating successful PC Labs to find retired which ones unrecorded up to their advertisement transcript and which are conscionable phoning it in. If you're buying a telephone connected Verizon close now, these are the champion you tin get.

Verizon fell to 3rd spot successful our Fastest Mobile Networks results, but that could conscionable beryllium a blip. The carrier's large motorboat of C-Band 5G successful 46 regions of the state could marque a important difference, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a C-band compatible phone. You tin cheque its availability connected Verizon's sum map.

Speed astir apt isn't wherefore you're coming to oregon staying with Verizon, though. The carrier's broad nationwide coverage, including successful agrarian areas, is legendary, and our Fastest Mobile Networks thrust trial bore retired that reputation.

Almost each Verizon phones are bought done the carrier, and galore unlocked phones present enactment connected its web arsenic well. You can't bring conscionable immoderate overseas telephone to Verizon—they person to beryllium preapproved—but phones from large unlocked brands sold successful the US (including Apple, Google, OnePlus, Razer, and Samsung), arsenic good arsenic astir phones sold unlocked connected Amazon volition enactment good connected Verizon now. Any iPhone volition bash good connected Verizon's network; here's how to take the close iPhone.

The phones listed present are the champion we've reviewed that tally good connected Verizon's network. They see Android and iOS smartphones, and our favourite of a batch of simple dependable phones.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Best 5G Phones for Verizon

Verizon present has 3 kinds of 5G. C-Band, branded "5G UW," has the astir potential. It's disposable successful 46 regions of the US - overmuch bigger than idiosyncratic cities oregon metro areas - and presently covers astir 100 cardinal people, according to Verizon. C-Band show is distinctly amended than 4G, wherever it's configured properly. Right present it's disposable connected the Samsung Galaxy S21, S22 and caller Z series, and the iPhone 12 and 13 series. C-band-compatible hardware is connected the Pixel 5 and 6 bid arsenic good arsenic respective midrange Samsung and different phones, but Verizon truthful acold refuses to enactment them successful software. I truly anticipation Verizon gets its enactment unneurotic and enables C-Band connected hardware-compatible devices.

Millimeter-wave 5G, besides called "5G UW" is amazingly accelerated and powerful, similar a wireless fibre connection. But our thrust tests lone recovered it disposable little than 4% of the time. "Nationwide 5G" is simply a small faster than its 4G, but not capable to truly matter.

Support for C-Band, positive amended reception each around, marque the Galaxy S22 bid our existent prime for a champion 5G acquisition connected Verizon.

For more, spot our database of the champion 5G phones.

The Best Verizon Flip Phone

Verizon inactive has a enactment of dependable phones, which it calls "basic phones." Many of these are off-brand devices that were custom-built for Verizon; they're inexpensive, but astir of them aren't precise good.

A idiosyncratic   successful  a chapeau  and disguise  holding a flip telephone  to his ear

Yep, we inactive reappraisal flip phones

The superior exceptions are much expensive: the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme and the Sunbeam F1. The DuraXV Extreme is rugged and loud; the F1 comes successful 3 feature-restricted versions for folks who truly don't privation web browsing oregon email connected their phones. Both are bully choices.

If you request much assistance buying a phone, cheque retired our communicative connected the champion inexpensive phones for our favourite low-cost picks. While you're astatine it, instrumentality a look astatine our lists for the champion phones connected AT&T and T-Mobile, and caput implicit to our Readers' Choice picks for 2021's top mobile carriers.