The best wireless keyboards for 2022

The best wireless keyboards for 2022

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If your PC doesn’t person capable ports, oregon if you’re utilizing a mobile instrumentality similar an iPad oregon Surface tablet and privation to trim clutter, a wireless keyboard is ideal. After all, with wireless keyboards, determination are nary fussy cables tangling astir your feet that tin get successful the way. Yet show and connectivity range/types with a keyboard are vital, truthful uncovering the champion wireless exemplary is simply a indispensable — particularly if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard.

If you request a wireless keyboard for your desktop oregon tablet, our reviews showcase immoderate of the champion you tin find close now, starting with the singular wireless mechanical keyboard from Logitech, the G915 Lightspeed.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed


  • Excellent mechanical design
  • Low latency for gamers
  • Onboard media controls

Why you should bargain this: It's our prime for champion wireless keyboard.

Who it's for: Anyone that needs a long-lasting backlit mechanical wireless keyboard.

Why we picked the Logitech G915 Lightspeed:

The G915 is not alert that it is simply a wireless keyboard: It has a large mechanical design, RGB backlighting, a numeric keypad, and a debased illustration for comfy positioning. The indicator lights up apical are fantabulous for monitoring what mode you are in, artillery life, and different cardinal settings, portion the aluminum apical sheet is large for durability. The keyboard is specifically designed truthful that it won't dilatory down gamers who whitethorn request a wireless solution — arsenic agelong arsenic they tin spend it.

One three-hour complaint tin supply up to 30 hours of show for the G915 Lightspeed. Logitech besides made definite that it provides large feedback astatine the constituent of actuation if you've go utilized to mechanical keyboards. Onboard representation besides is included, truthful you'll ever person your customized settings with you. There's adjacent a useful small broadside roller for instantly controlling volume, positive different onboard media controls.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard


  • A beardown fund model
  • Portable
  • Clean design

Why you should bargain this: You're connected a fund and request a inexpensive keyboard

Who it's for: Anyone who wants a keyboard that looks premium but doesn't privation to walk excessively overmuch money.

Why we picked the Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard:

If you're looking for the implicit cheapest Bluetooth keyboard you tin get, the Omoton keyboard is simply a bully option. It whitethorn look to beryllium an Apple Magic Keyboard clone astatine first, but don't beryllium fooled: It is made wholly of plastic, versus the aluminum framework utilized successful Apple's model.

Overall, the Omoton is rather bladed and light, truthful you tin easy worldly it into a machine container oregon backpack on with your tablet oregon laptop. The shaper claims 30 days of continuous usage with 2 AAA batteries (not included).

The institution seemingly had iOS successful caput erstwhile it designed the Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard, but it should enactment with MacOS, Windows, and Android astatine this time.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard


  • Great for Windows users
  • Excellent battery
  • Matches Surface products

Why you should bargain this: It's the champion wireless keyboard for Surface devices and different Windows PCs.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants a clean-looking keyboard for a PC oregon Surface device.

Why we picked the Microsoft Surface Keyboard:

Microsoft's Surface-branded merchandise line includes respective slayer convertible tablets. There are high-end solutions similar the Surface Book 23 with its fantastic artillery beingness and the highly portable Surface Go astatine the entry-level. Whether you person 1 of those oregon a laptop oregon desktop from different manufacturer, Microsoft's Surface Keyboard is simply a large accessory to consider.

This portable, lightweight keyboard has a fantastic artillery beingness lasting up to 12 months connected conscionable 2 AAA batteries (included). The keys complaint up to 500,000 actuations, making it little durable than a mechanical keyboard, but it should past for years of distant typing. The Bluetooth 4.0 transportation offers rather the range, too, with up to 50 feet successful the unfastened aerial oregon up to 23 feet successful an bureau environment.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Surface keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

apple magic keyboard peripherals deals premier  time  2021

Apple Magic Keyboard


  • Perfect for Mac and iPad users
  • Upgraded cardinal design
  • Bluetooth connections


  • Not perfect extracurricular of Apple computers

Why you should bargain this: It's the champion keyboard for Apple devices.

Who it's for: Anyone who has an Apple instrumentality similar a Macbook oregon iPad.

Why we picked the Apple Magic Keyboard:

Apple's redesigned Magic Keyboard is everything Apple fans (and others) could privation from a minimal Bluetooth keyboard design. Older Magic Keyboards had a rolled basal that propped the keyboard's backside up to marque country for AA batteries. This latest exemplary has a rechargeable battery, truthful the keyboard lies flatter than erstwhile versions.

Apple's upgraded keys present person somewhat much value erstwhile typing, which is an improvement. The arrow cardinal redesign is somewhat little welcome, but the wide advantages of this caller plan are hard to deny. The Bluetooth artillery claims a one-month charge, too, truthful you tin transportation this keyboard astir without worrying astir its longevity.

Overall, the Apple Magic Keyboard whitethorn beryllium somewhat larger than different options connected our list, but it works well with some iOS and MacOS products. For Apple loyalists, this is the keyboard for iMac to buy.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Arteck HB030B


  • Great for mobile devices
  • Backlighting options
  • Portable and compact


  • May beryllium excessively compact for immoderate users

Why you should bargain this: You request a compact wireless keyboard for mobile devices.

Who it's for: People who privation to benignant connected their phones oregon tablets with a afloat keyboard portion traveling.

Why we picked the HB030B:

Looking for a super-compact Bluetooth keyboard for your mobile devices? The super-thin Arteck HB030B mightiness beryllium conscionable what you request for typing connected the go. It’s tiny, scrunched, and casual to gaffe into astir machine bags oregon backpacks.

The Artech keyboard has a shocking magnitude of backlighting and features 7 colors and 2 levels of brightness. This keyboard is simply a large enactment for those who privation a portable keyboard they tin spot adjacent successful low-light areas. The Arteck HB030B is besides 100% compatible with each the fashionable mobile platforms.

Arteck HB030B Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K400


  • Keyboard and trackpad combo
  • Portable
  • Made of lightweight plastic


  • Not arsenic utile if you already person a wireless mouse

Why you should bargain this: It's a super-compact all-in-one keyboard and touchpad.

Who it's for: People who don't person a batch of abstraction connected a desk, oregon request a keyboard for a media center.

Why we picked the Logitech K400:

Many radical person exalted the Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard arsenic 1 of the astir convenient and mobile keyboards connected the market. With its minimal size and lightweight design, you tin easy transport this keyboard anyplace you like. It besides boasts a assortment of chill features that marque it incredibly casual to use.

For example, galore of america usage our devices portion relaxing astatine home. Of course, we don't privation to beryllium astatine a table oregon array and propulsion a mouse. The Logitech k400 alleviates this occupation by integrating a 3.5-inch touchpad, allowing you to benignant and hunt the interwebs close from your favourite places.

The Logitech K400 besides makes for a fantastic web browsing experience, with its 33-foot range, 86 convenient keys, and wide-ranging machine compatibility (using a USB dongle).

Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless


  • Gamer-friendly keyboard
  • Multiple transportation options
  • Durable design

Why you should bargain this: The keyboard has a small spot of everything for gamers.

Who it's for: Gamers who request a reliable wireless keyboard.

Why we picked the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless:

Gamers looking for a reliable wireless keyboard volition beryllium satisfied with everything astir Razer's model, which combines the expected (and highly programmable) Chrome RGB lighting with durable greenish mechanical switches for the effect that you are looking for. That makes it casual to lucifer this keyboard with different Razer products you whitethorn person oregon marque it a complement to your gaming setup without compromising connected performance.

The BlackWidow V3 Pro besides includes 3 abstracted connections: Bluetooth for redeeming connected artillery life, HyperSpeed wireless erstwhile playing much competitory games and reducing the accidental of lag, and USB-C for charging. There's besides a comfy wrist remainder that volition assistance retired successful agelong sessions. Plus, it's made to last: The apical sheet is military-grade metal, and the switches are rated for 80 cardinal clicks!

Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless

Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro Wireless

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless


  • Built-in programmable dial for creatives
  • Sensor-triggered backlighting
  • Made of premium materials


  • Not arsenic utile if you aren't utilizing colour palettes oregon different tools

Why you should bargain this: The wireless keyboard is backlit, and has a unsocial integer crown for originative programs.

Who it's for: Digital creatives.

Why we picked the Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless:

Logitech has done thing unsocial with this slim keyboard — the Craft exemplary is specifically made for integer creatives who are moving with a batch of art, design, and editing during their regular lives. The large diagnostic present is the "crown" dial that allows you to acceptable a assortment of functions for the programs you usage (a spot similar the Surface Dial, but smaller and straight connected your keyboard). Put them to work, and you tin alteration a fig of swift actions that volition velocity up your work.

The Craft Advanced Wireless keyboard besides allows you to enactment up to 3 devices and power betwixt them by pressing a button, which is cleanable for much analyzable workspaces. Even the backlighting is innovative, with sensors that observe erstwhile your hands are approaching and lone airy up erstwhile you are utilizing the keyboard, truthful the lights won't distract from immoderate intensive work.

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless

best wireless keyboards pfctuffk 720x477

Logitech MX Keys


  • Backlit
  • Works with up to 3 devices
  • USB-C charging
  • PC and Mac layouts

Why you should bargain this: The keyboard is backlit, works with antithetic devices, and is PC- and Mac-friendly.

Who it's for: Anyone with a PC oregon a Mac oregon Android oregon iOS device.

Why we picked the Logitech MX Keys:

Logitech is known for bully keyboards and the MX Keys is nary exception. This keyboard has immoderate bully cardinal question and works with some PCs and Macs; It adjacent has a layout that's affable to some operating systems. USB-C connectivity besides means you tin complaint it up rapidly without worrying astir batteries.

Like the Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless keyboard, this keyboard besides has backlighting. This means that nary substance what the clip of day, you'll beryllium comfy typing. It besides has the quality to link to aggregate devices astatine once, truthful you tin easy power betwixt them if moving connected antithetic desktops, laptops, oregon adjacent tablets.

Logitech MX Keys

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wireless keyboards immoderate good?

That depends connected what you buy. Generally, they enactment good astatine each terms ranges, but you won’t get a premium acquisition from a $20 merchandise (although you volition prevention money).

Wireless keyboards are amended present than successful years past, particularly from companies similar Logitech and Razer, which usage proprietary, fine-tuned wireless connections. Wireless aims to region the cords, aft all, and that means continuous refinements truthful you can’t archer the quality betwixt wired and wireless response.

Companies similar Logitech and Razer besides make proprietary keyboard switches for amended accuracy and longevity. But again, if you bargain a inexpensive product, you get inexpensive components. The power successful a fund exemplary won’t person the aforesaid lifespan arsenic 1 installed successful a premium model.

Which marque makes the champion wireless keyboards?

Some of our favorites see Cooler Master, Corsair, Logitech, Ducky, Steelseries, and Razer. Not each keyboard they marque is great, but they marque immoderate of the best. Which 1 is close for you volition beryllium connected your idiosyncratic preferences and budget.

Bluetooth vs. RF: What’s the difference?

Short for Radio Frequency, RF consists of electromagnetic vigor waves with frequencies ranging from 20KHz to 300GHz. RF has a scope of up to 30 yards.

Bluetooth is an RF protocol that transmits information astatine a circumstantial frequence of 2.4GHz. The scope depends connected the Bluetooth class: 3.3 feet, 33 feet, and 328 feet.

Some manufacturers make wireless keyboards that enactment some Bluetooth and RF. While Bluetooth offers greater compatibility with astir modern PCs, RF should beryllium utilized if latency and velocity are of concern. Additionally, immoderate proprietary RF specifications, similar Logitech’s enterprise-ready Logi Bolt, are designed to trim sound and enactment successful congested wireless environments to present a much reliable and unafraid connection.

How agelong bash wireless keyboards last?

That depends connected the model. Generally, you get what you wage for. The much costly models thin to outlast the cheaper units that person cheaper components.

In presumption of artillery life, that volition beryllium connected the keyboard’s use, the model, and the benignant of battery. Some units person rechargeable batteries that deterioration down implicit the years. Meanwhile, fund batteries won’t outlast a Duracell oregon Energizer battery. Turning disconnected the backlighting tin substantially widen artillery life, too.

Overall, artillery duration could span from hours to years.

Can you usage a wireless keyboard with a laptop?

Yes. A machine is simply a computer, whether it’s a desktop oregon a laptop model.

Generally, wireless keyboards link successful 1 of 2 ways: Through Bluetooth, oregon done a USB dongle. Typically determination isn’t a constituent wrong a machine that tin link to a wireless keyboard extracurricular Bluetooth connectivity. That’s wherefore immoderate models vessel with a USB dongle — they don’t usage Bluetooth. As antecedently stated, immoderate manufacturers usage a proprietary 2.4GHz transportation instead.

Do each wireless keyboards enactment with Mac?

Yes, and you tin adjacent usage a Windows-based keyboard with a Mac. However, determination are immoderate differences:

  • Windows cardinal — This doesn’t enactment connected MacOS.

  • Ctrl cardinal — This is the equivalent of the Command cardinal successful MacOS.

  • Alt cardinal — This is the equivalent of the Option cardinal successful MacOS.

  • Backspace cardinal — This is the equivalent of the Delete cardinal successful MacOS.

  • Delete cardinal — This forward-deletes successful Windows. On Mac, the equivalent cardinal typically reads Del with a crossed-out close arrow symbol. On MacBooks, this bid requires the Fn + Delete cardinal combo.

Finally, Apple’s level relies connected a Control key, which serves arsenic a right-click function. There is nary equivalent connected a Windows keyboard.

What should I look for successful a wireless keyboard?

What precisely bash you need?

If you’re sitting connected the sofa and request to power media, a wireless keyboard with a built-in touchpad would beryllium ideal. It doesn’t request to beryllium expensive, but it should beryllium durable and see backlighting you tin toggle connected and disconnected arsenic needed.

If you’re a gamer, programmable mechanical keys would beryllium preferable, though enactment distant from gratuitous lighting if you ne'er program to link it with a USB cable, arsenic it tin truly drain the battery. Corsair and Razer marque coagulated wireless keyboards that are perfect for LAN parties and tournaments.

For laptops and tablets, look for units that are conscionable arsenic portable, but don’t get a keyboard truthful tiny that you consciousness similar you’re typing connected a toddler’s toy. For desktops, spell with full-sized ergonomic models with backlighting truthful you tin benignant successful the dark.

Going with Bluetooth oregon a proprietary wireless transportation truly doesn’t substance truthful agelong arsenic you don’t request highly debased latency. Gamers, however, request that instant effect whereas loading media connected the sofa doesn’t necessitate twitchy digit action.

If you bask the clicky feeling of old-school typewriters, past you whitethorn similar mechanical keyboards (specifically with Cherry MX Blue-style switches) implicit membrane models. The quality betwixt the 2 is successful the switches and keycaps: Mechanical has an encased stem and outpouring mechanics nether a gangly cap, whereas membrane presses 2 contacts unneurotic to marque the cardinal actuation. The second typically has a “scissor” mechanics that allows the level keycap to popular backmost up into place.

If you’re looking for a caller wireless keyboard, beryllium definite to get 1 that matches your operating system. If you program to bargain 1 for aggregate devices, find which keyset you program to usage most: Windows oregon MacOS. Units that tin link to aggregate devices with conscionable a pat of a fastener are large for switching betwixt PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Do pro gamers usage wireless keyboards?

Sometimes, yes. Concerns astir latency oregon interference with wireless keyboards aren’t astir arsenic precocious contiguous arsenic they were successful the past erstwhile wireless exertion was overmuch newer. While immoderate latency inactive exists, it’s truthful debased that adjacent nonrecreational gamers can’t announcement it connected the close keyboards. We suggest starting with our Razer BlackWidow pick, which adjacent has a dedicated wireless mode for competitory gaming.

How bash you cleanable wireless keyboards?

The aforesaid mode you cleanable immoderate keyboard. Actually, since the keyboard is much maneuverable, it’s usually an easier job.

What batteries bash wireless keyboards use?

That depends. Most wireless keyboards are trending hard toward interior lithium-ion batteries that tin beryllium recharged by plugging a USB-C cablegram oregon akin transportation into the keyboard. Some models whitethorn inactive usage the classical 2 AA batteries, though. Lithium-ion batteries whitethorn not beryllium replaceable, but they past for months astatine a time, and recharging is painless arsenic it simply turns your keyboard into a wired exemplary for a little time.

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