The Boys Presents: Diabolical review: A bloody good time

The Boys Presents: Diabolical review: A bloody good time

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When Amazon Studios announced plans to accommodate Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s over-the-top superhero comic bid The Boys, fewer believed a live-action bid could present a faithful translation of the comic’s raunchy, ultraviolent saga of personage superhumans tally amok. But the Prime Video bid did so deliver, to the tune of 2 critically praised seasons truthful acold and different section connected the way.

The sex- and gore-filled beingness of The Boys present gets its archetypal spinoff task with The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated anthology bid delivering a batch of tales acceptable successful and astir the show’s cardinal communicative from a surprisingly star-studded originative team.

Over the people of 8 stand-alone stories, Diabolical offers up thing for each saltation of The Boys fan, whether they’re looking for a heavy dive into the show’s mythology, a melodramatic communicative with affectional heft, oregon a silly communicative astir a miss with the powerfulness to control, well, poop.

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Casting a wide net

It’s worthy noting aboriginal connected that The Boys Presents: Diabolical isn’t the emblematic spinoff task we’re accustomed to seeing. The stories presented successful the bid don’t consciousness similar passed-over pitches oregon subplots acquired from the cutting country floor, but alternatively afloat formed stories that — successful astir cases — consciousness best-suited for a much one-and-done format than the live-action series.

The 8 chapters of Diabolical besides screen a batch of ground, from the Looney Tunes-inspired episode Laser Baby’s Day Out to the softly sentimental (by The Boys standards) John and Sun-Hee and the lore-expanding prequel communicative One Plus One Equals Two. The idiosyncratic stories each consciousness chiseled successful their benignant of animation, tone, and relationship, sharing lone their little moving times, which ne'er exceeds 15 minutes apiece.

While “easily digestible” mightiness not beryllium champion word to picture the series, fixed the orgy of violence, free-flying viscera, and scatological elements packed into astir episodes, Diabolical does marque for casual binge-watching, provided you person the tummy for the animated format’s quality to spell supra and beyond the level of gore and unit successful The Boys.

Something for everyone

The wide scope of stories presented successful Diabolical means the champion and worst of what it offers volition apt disagree from 1 idiosyncratic to the next, and beryllium connected which elements of the The Boys beingness you’re astir funny in.


The series’ cartoon ultraviolence is taken to its utmost successful the aforementioned Laser Baby’s Day Out and the appropriately titled An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents, with the erstwhile filtering it done a classical cartoon lens and the second feeling arsenic if it would beryllium close astatine location successful Rick and Morty owed to the engagement of co-writer Justin Roiland. Those looking for much backstory from the satellite of The Boys volition find it successful One Plus One Equals Two, which depicts an aboriginal ngo by Homelander (Antony Starr) that began to signifier his sinister worldview.

Fans of the archetypal comic publication bid volition find a batch to similar successful I’m Your Pusher, which depicts the main characters arsenic Robertson’s archetypal artwork did, and adjacent has Simon Pegg dependable Hughie, the quality helium inspired successful the comic. That the occurrence is scripted by Ennis lone makes it consciousness much firmly rooted wrong the beingness of the comics, which archer a antithetic story, but research galore of the aforesaid themes arsenic the live-action series.

Stars and storytellers

In fact, the creators down galore of the episodes adhd to their amusement value, with immoderate astonishing — and immoderate hilariously due — combinations of storytellers and story.

 Diabolical anthology series.

Awkwafina’s BFFS is simply a pitch-perfect blend of the comedian and actress’ irreverent, self-deprecating wit and story, pursuing the adventures of an awkward, lonely teen whose brushwood with an erratic cause trader leads to her processing the quality to make a caller champion person by … pooping her out. Their ensuing escapade unneurotic manages to beryllium some saccharine and profoundly disturbing astatine times, overmuch similar Awkwafina’s comedy.

Eliot Glazer and Broad City histrion and co-creator Ilana Glazer way the emergence and autumn of a star-crossed couple’s societal media personage successful Boyd successful 3D, exploring however the like-and-subscribe system of online popularity could go adjacent much mercurial — and disastrous — with the summation of superhuman abilities.

Maybe the biggest astonishment of Diabolical, however, is John and Sun-Hee, 1 of the astir powerful, poignant stories successful the bunch. Directed by Steve Ahn (Voltron: Legendary Defender) and written by Andy Samberg (yes, that Andy Samberg), the communicative follows an aged man’s attempts to prevention his terminally sick woman by injecting her with Compound V, an experimental chemic that gives immoderate radical superhuman abilities. The communicative squeezes a potent affectional travel into 13 minutes, and uses the beingness of The Boys to research immoderate almighty feelings.

 Diabolical anthology series.

The Boys triumph again

While it would beryllium casual to dismiss The Boys Presents: Diabolical arsenic an appetizer of sorts, intended to premier fans for the live-action series’ instrumentality successful June without providing overmuch substance, the stories offered up successful the archetypal play consciousness weightier than that, delivering much than conscionable distracting filler. The episodes that spell for laughs spell all-in connected it, portion the episodes intended to resonate much dramatically are impressively effectual astatine doing so.

If Diabolical is so an experimentation for Amazon and The Boys, it’s a palmy 1 — and a large reminder of the show’s tremendous imaginable for exploring the superhero genre successful unexpected ways.

Season 1 of Amazon’s The Boys Presents: Diabolical premieres March 4 connected Prime Video.

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