The DioField Chronicle makes real-time strategy feel like a JRPG

The DioField Chronicle makes real-time strategy feel like a JRPG

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Japan isn’t precisely known for existent clip strategy games. That’s wherefore I was amazed to observe that The DioField Chronicle was a real-time strategy game, and not a turn-based tactics 1 similar the Fire Emblem series. In presumption of gameplay, this already sets The DioField Chronicle isolated from different akin titles successful the genre arsenic Japanese strategy games thin heavy toward turn-based and grid-based tactics.

In a hands-on preview, I played astir 3 hours of The DioField Chronicle, which consisted of the game’s archetypal chapter. I came distant impressed by the gameplay arsenic it’s casual to recognize for those who aren’t profoundly acquainted with real-time strategy games already. Though what particularly stands retired is that it astir feels similar a JRPG acknowledgment to over-the-top battles that seizure the genre’s emotion of flashy combat.

Friendly for newcomers

As idiosyncratic who doesn’t play RTS games often astatine all, The DioField Chronicle’s gameplay systems are rather beginner-friendly. The crippled takes a much focused attack to the genre alternatively than piling connected systems. Instead of having tens of units, you tin instrumentality a enactment of up to 4 characters and nonstop them retired into the battlefield. You don’t physique bases oregon gain immoderate currency to telephone successful much units. It’s much similar managing an RPG enactment than an army.

While the RTS genre has ne'er been 1 of my go-tos, I distinctly flashbacked to Halo Wars during my demo. I retrieve feeling overwhelmed and stressed astatine each of the antithetic vehicles, units, and bases I had to support way of successful real-time. In The DioField Chronicle, you conscionable person to absorption connected your enactment of 4 (sometimes a 5th portion arsenic well, arsenic 1 of the opening missions requires you to escort a defenseless carriage done the battlefield).

Having a accelerated absorption clip and reasoning rapidly connected your feet are adjuvant skills erstwhile playing RTS games, and this focused attack removes immoderate barriers for those who aren’t capable to rather lucifer others. Additionally, I felt much connected to my units arsenic characters whereas successful different games my troops would beryllium nameless units that I couldn’t attraction little astir dying.

Bahamut being summoned

However, what makes battles overmuch much manageable is that utilizing a character’s peculiar skills pauses the enactment and lets you instrumentality your clip to determine what to bash next. Is 1 of your teammates debased connected HP? You won’t person to interest astir accidentally selecting the incorrect quality to heal amidst the chaos of battle.

I played the demo connected my PS5 utilizing a controller, truthful I truly appreciated this intermission relation arsenic it accommodated my dilatory cursor question with the near power stick. RTS games are much people suited toward PC controls, arsenic utilizing a rodent and keyboard makes for faster effect times and navigating the battlefield, truthful it’s bully to spot bully controller considerations here.

Glory connected the battlefield

Each quality has skills to unleash during battle, specified arsenic Andrias’ Assassination, wherever helium slices done a azygous force aggregate times leaving afterimages of himself. Waltaquin’s Convalescent Circle accomplishment creates a elephantine country wherever units wrong its vicinity retrieve HP astatine regular intervals. All of these skills look incredibly flashy, arsenic if they were pulled consecutive retired of a JRPG. Peeking astatine the accomplishment tree, aboriginal unlockable ones look to person much cinematic angles to them, allowing for much dynamic visuals.

Different colored orbs are littered passim the battlefield, too: greenish is HP, bluish is EP, and purple is TP. With capable TP built up, players tin summon mystical creatures conscionable arsenic they would successful a bid similar Final Fantasy. There’s thing rather similar summoning Bahamut, causing it to swoop into the entity and graze an full information of the battlefield with a almighty blast.

The combat  against Fenrir

Even connected the easiest trouble (Casual), immoderate battles tin beryllium rather pugnacious if you unreserved head-on without a plan. That’s particularly existent against brag units if you’re under-leveled. At the precise past ngo successful the preview, I faced disconnected against a large Fenrir brag with 3 of its smaller wolf underlings. I went successful with my accustomed strategy of spamming skills until my enemies were dead, but that didn’t rather enactment retired for me.

I abused Waltaquin’s Convalescent Circle accomplishment astatine the opening of the brag fight, her astir costly skill. I rapidly recovered myself retired of EP, incapable to initiate a elemental healing spell. I initially relied connected Iscarion’s bow skills to bash other damage, but I soon realized I needed to conserve his EP arsenic good for his Stun Shot skill. This allowed maine to cancel retired the boss’s immense charge-up AOE crystal onslaught that wholly wiped my enactment aggregate times.

Although you can’t prevention during a battle, determination are checkpoints that you tin reload if you extremity up losing. For example, determination was a checkpoint close earlier I got into the Fenrir fight, and thankfully, I didn’t person to commencement the full ngo from the opening again.

The communicative is … there

So far, The DioField Chronicle’s Story hasn’t wholly grabbed maine conscionable yet. The game’s backstory contains rather a spot of jargon, explaining however the DioField land is affluent with Jade, a invaluable earthy assets that sets up the game’s governmental conflict. Different factions are trying to get their hands connected it, truthful struggle ensues.

Andrias and his companions signifier the Blue Foxes, a mercenary radical that intends to combat backmost against the Empire. However, a caller menace seems to beryllium connected the horizon, which mightiness marque the communicative much enticing aboriginal on. But lone being astir 3 hours in, I wasn’t capable to afloat grasp the existent scope of the communicative yet.

In summation to the game’s main quests, determination are sub-quests that absorption connected circumstantial characters successful your enactment and their backstories. Unfortunately, I wasn’t capable to acquisition immoderate of them yet, arsenic nary of them unlocked during the archetypal chapter, but I anticipation they spell in-depth and supply america with immoderate needed quality motivations.

The past  of DioField is filled with violence

So far, The DioField Chronicle’s gameplay leaves a beardown impression. Even though I’m lone successful the archetypal chapter, I tin already look astatine the menus and spot the extended portion customization options, including limb creation, sub-units, and accomplishment trees. In a uncommon genre of Japanese real-time strategy RPGs, The DioField Chronicle’s opening hours inactive person the familiar consciousness of a JRPG. If the crippled tin support up with its combat progression, it’ll proceed to consciousness caller for the full journey. A large communicative and a compelling formed of characters volition conscionable beryllium icing connected the cake.

The DioField Chronicle launches connected September 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. A demo volition beryllium disposable for players connected August 10.

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