The ending of The Midnight Club season 1 explained

The ending of The Midnight Club season 1 explained

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This nonfiction contains spoilers for The Midnight Club play 1.

The Midnight Club is yet disposable to watercourse connected Netflix, but its archetypal season’s finale isn’t astir arsenic straightforward oregon clear-cut arsenic immoderate fans mightiness expect. The caller bid from co-creator and enforcement shaper Mike Flanagan explores a fig of compelling mysteries crossed its archetypal 10 episodes, but portion galore of them bash get resolved passim The Midnight Club’s debut season, immoderate don’t. As a substance of fact, the closing moments of The Midnight Club’s play 1 finale adjacent unveil a twist that precise fewer volition apt spot coming.

That said, it’s not similar occurrence 10 of The Midnight Club is an wholly ambiguous oregon open-ended hr of television. Over the people of its runtime, The Midnight Club’s play 1 finale sees Ilonka (Iman Benson) yet travel to presumption with her destiny by opening to capable retired her preneed with her foster father, Tim (Tim Pawluk), portion Spencer (William Chris Sumpter) receives immoderate of the closure he’s agelong sought erstwhile his parent yet comes to sojourn him astatine Brightcliffe.

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In the aforesaid episode, Ilonka besides receives what she believes to beryllium a motion from the different broadside erstwhile she discovers that the breached ballerina statuette that utilized to beryllium to Anya (Ruth Codd) has been mysteriously fixed. Later, she and Kevin (Igby Rigney) determine to yet confess their feelings for each other. Altogether, these revelations and moments would beryllium capable to nonstop The Midnight Club disconnected connected a satisfying, if melancholy, note. However, The Midnight Club doesn’t wrapper up its archetypal play without unveiling 1 final, game-changing twist.

In The Midnight Club play 1’s closing moments, we spot Dr. Stanton (Heather Langenkamp), the caput of Brightcliffe, beryllium down successful beforehand of her chamber reflector and instrumentality disconnected her hairsbreadth — revealing it to person been a wig the full time. In lawsuit that wasn’t unusual enough, the camera past pans astir to uncover a concealed Paragon tattoo connected the backmost of Stanton’s neck. Obviously, this uncover raises a fig of questions astir Brightcliffe’s seemingly mild-mannered overseer.

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After all, Stanton takes a hard stance against the Paragon and its teachings passim The Midnight Club’s archetypal play by often admonishing some Ilonka and Julia Jayne (Samantha Sloyan) for their obsession with the erstwhile cult. Based solely connected that, it seemed just to presume that Stanton was neither a instrumentality nor a protagonist of the Paragon, fto unsocial a concealed subordinate of the organization.

The Midnight Club’s play 1 finale throws that presumption retired the model and forces america to ask: Has Stanton secretly been a subordinate of the Paragon this full time? If that’s the case, past what is her narration to the cult? The Midnight Club, unfortunately, doesn’t connection immoderate answers to those questions. If we were going to marque a conjecture close now, though, it does look imaginable that Stanton could secretly beryllium Athena, the long-lost girl of Aceso (Katie Parker), the pistillate who founded the Paragon.

We’re told successful The Midnight Club‘s archetypal play that Athena yet turned against her parent erstwhile she realized the acheronian absorption that Aceso was taking the Paragon — and each of its members — down. However, each that’s known astir Athena is that she disappeared aft the Paragon’s sacrificial practices were discovered. Therefore, if it turns retired that Stanton is, successful fact, Athena, that would explicate some wherefore she knows truthful overmuch astir the Paragon and wherefore she was truthful against Ilonka and her friends attempting to replicate the cult’s practices.

Of course, Stanton could extremity up being an wholly antithetic character. Either way, fans will, unfortunately, person to hold until The Midnight Club returns with much episodes to find retired the information astir Dr. Stanton’s mysterious nexus to the Paragon.

The Midnight Club play 1 is streaming present connected Netflix.

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