The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a pixel problem and Samsung is fixing it

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a pixel problem and Samsung is fixing it

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Eric Zeman / Android Authority


  • Early Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra buyers are reporting a occupation with the phone’s display.
  • A pixelated enactment appears connected the sheet portion watching videos and playing games.
  • Samsung is alert of the contented and has promised to hole it via a bundle update.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series conscionable started shipping out, and already a fig of users are reporting an contented with their marque caller Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to complaints connected Reddit, galore aboriginal buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are seeing a file of pixels crossed the phone’s display. The occupation appears to beryllium isolated to the Exynos 2200 exemplary for now, perchance due to the fact that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mentation hasn’t reached galore customers conscionable yet.

You tin spot images of affected Galaxy S22 Ultra units below.

While immoderate users are seeing the pixelated enactment astatine the bottommost fractional of their screens, for others, it appears successful the mediate arsenic good arsenic the apical of the panel. That said, the glitch isn’t fixed connected the screen. It mostly comes up portion watching videos oregon playing games.

The bully quality is that Samsung has confirmed it’s not a occupation with the hardware of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In a enactment forum spotted connected Reddit, Samsung wrote the following:

We are alert of a constricted fig of Galaxy S22 Ultra devices experiencing a pixelated enactment connected the show erstwhile customers play YouTube oregon unlock the instrumentality with fingerprints. The contented whitethorn hap seldom erstwhile the idiosyncratic sets the instrumentality solution to WQHD and Screen mode to Natural mode.

The institution further noted that it’s already processing a spot for the occupation and volition soon rotation it retired via a bundle update. Until then, it recommends changing the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s surface mode to Vivid oregon solution to FHD+.

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