The GoPro Volta is a handle, remote, tripod, and external battery all in one

The GoPro Volta is a handle, remote, tripod, and external battery all in one

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GoPro is announcing a new accessory for its enactment cameras that’s a jack of each trades — the Volta acts arsenic a grippable grip / tripod, a wired oregon wireless remote, and has a 4900 mAh artillery that the institution says tin triple your camera’s artillery life, providing 4 hours of grounds clip erstwhile paired with a wholly charged interior artillery if you’re shooting 5.3K footage.

The Volta uses an integrated USB-C cablegram to plug into and complaint your GoPro with the property of a button, and has an further USB-C larboard for charging up its interior battery. GoPro says the integrated artillery tin beryllium charged successful arsenic small arsenic 2 and a fractional hours, and that there’s a quick-charge mode that takes it from zero to 60 percent successful an hour.

Like the GoPro Hero 10, the Volta charges via USB-C. GoPro says it tin besides treble arsenic a artillery slope for USB-C powered phones. Becca Farsace / The Verge

It’s besides got a built-in remote, which lets you commencement signaling oregon rhythm done the camera’s shooting modes — some erstwhile your GoPro’s plugged into the Volta, arsenic good arsenic wirelessly implicit Bluetooth. (The Volta’s wireless distant functionality volition besides enactment with GoPro’s 360-degree Max camera and older Hero models if you brace it arsenic the company’s standalone remote.) Above the distant are immoderate indicator lights, which amusement your remaining artillery life, and bespeak whether your camera is successful video, photo, oregon time-lapse mode. GoPro says it should enactment from astir 30 meters away, but says that the scope “may beryllium affected erstwhile signaling with higher resolutions and framework rates.”

The distant tin enactment wirelessly arsenic well. Becca Farsace / The Verge

Given that determination are a batch of electronics here, its not a astonishment that GoPro’s website warns that taking the Volta underwater volition harm it and your camera. The institution doesn’t person an authoritative h2o absorption rating, but Volta’s manual calls it “weather resistant” erstwhile it’s plugged into the camera — basically, harmless for splashes, but not swimming. GoPro besides warns that your camera won’t beryllium waterproof erstwhile it has the USB-passthrough doorway that comes with the Volta on, and that the Volta itself won’t beryllium h2o resistant erstwhile you’re utilizing it successful wireless distant mode.

The Volta has a equine connected the apical to connect your GoPro to, arsenic good arsenic a folding 1 connected the broadside that tin beryllium popped retired (with a rugged feeling button) and utilized to equine the Volta to different GoPro accessories similar backpacks oregon motorcycle mounts. A 1/4-20 screw equine connected the bottommost lets you connect it to accepted filming instrumentality similar a tripod. I fishy astir radical volition privation to usage the Volta arsenic a self-contained accessory though — folded up, it tin enactment arsenic a manus grip that you tin usage to get the camera a spot further distant from your body. It’s besides got 2 small legs that popular retired to marque it a benignant of mini-tripod.

The “fingers” connected the broadside popular retired erstwhile you request them, and tin beryllium stowed distant erstwhile you don’t. Becca Farsace / The Verge

The Verge’s video adept Becca Farsace was beauteous impressed with the Volta, calling it a “well designed operation of immoderate fashionable GoPro accessories.” She besides recovered it beauteous casual to ideate a script wherever she could usage it: “Gopro precocious released the Enduro artillery that improved artillery life, particularly astatine debased temperatures, but determination is lone truthful overmuch oomf they could adhd to a portion that physically has to acceptable into a Hero 10. And adjacent with an Enduro battery, connected a caller skis travel I inactive recovered I was needing aggregate batteries to get done a time of signaling agelong runs successful 4k connected the slope.”

The Volta costs $130, and GoPro subscribers get a discount that brings the outgo down to astir $90. (The subscription itself is $50 a year, and includes unreality storage, a $100 discount connected a caller GoPro, and a fewer different features.) “To me,” Becca said of the Volta’s price, “that’s a hellhole of a bully deal.” I person to hold — I afloat mean to bargain 1 truthful I don’t person to transportation astir batteries and a tripod separately to papers my hikes and motorcycle rides.

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