The internet’s infamous fake portable GameCube has finally been brought to life

The internet’s infamous fake portable GameCube has finally been brought to life

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The “Nintendo GameCube Advance” is simply a unusual portion of net gaming history: a fanciful render of a portable mentation of the GameCube that has made the rounds online since 2005. But portion the render has agelong been dismissed arsenic a fan-made fake, YouTuber GingerOfOz has taken matters into his ain hands and built a real, functional mentation of the concept, as spotted by Eurogamer.

Ginger didn’t conscionable physique his ain real GameCube Advance, though: helium besides tracked down the archetypal creator down the 2005 mockup and got the scoop connected however and wherefore they made it successful the archetypal place.

Ginger is nary alien to making slick customized Nintendo mods, similar his awesome Wii Boy Color from 2020 that someway managed to shrink an full Wii into the size and signifier origin of a Game Boy Color.

The astir 20-minute video details Ginger’s quest to re-create the console (based connected conscionable a 2005-era render of a azygous space of the device) and the trials and tribulations on the way. Some aspects of the archetypal render simply weren’t viable successful existent life, similar the hinge (which Ginger alternatively built to relation akin to a Nintendo DS for a much comfy show angle) oregon the joysticks (which had to beryllium replaced with 3DS-style sliders truthful the surface tin really close).

The biggest sacrifice, though, is the deficiency of a functional disc drive. The parts were simply excessively large for the modded console, though Ginger does permission successful a slot to let for a disc to beryllium (uselessly) inserted to lucifer the render’s aesthetics.

Ginger besides technically didn’t physique a portable GameCube. Instead, helium utilized a Wii motherboard, which uses little power, is physically smaller, much easy modded, and is much affordable to get a clasp of. Despite that, Ginger did spell retired of his mode to adhd immoderate of the GameCube’s unsocial bundle (including the iconic footwear logo).

The last physique is impressively functional: it looks similar the archetypal render and plays GameCube games, though it gets astir an hr and a fractional of artillery life.

As for the archetypal render, it was created by an creator who goes by the sanction Demond. They said they created the archetypal representation for amusive arsenic a mode to signifier merchandise rendering successful Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Demond went connected to make different futuristic renders — similar a popular PSP2 image that made its mode astir the net a fewer years aboriginal — and has gone connected to bash enactment for existent video crippled companies similar Ubisoft and Epic Games.