The iPhone 14 gets a stunning transparent back with this new mod

The iPhone 14 gets a stunning transparent back with this new mod

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The Nothing Phone 1 again sparked involvement successful transparent telephone aesthetics, but modders person been astatine it for a while. The latest experimentation to travel retired of the enthusiast assemblage is an iPhone 14 with a transparent rear panel. Photos of an iPhone 14 with innards disposable underneath are making rounds of Twitter, but the individuality of the modder remains unclear.

The wireless charging coil surrounded by the magnetic MagSafe ring, artillery pack, Taptic Engine, and the Lightning larboard assembly are among the hardware elements that are intelligibly visible. It looks beauteous neat, but if you desperately privation it but can’t find the purchaser auctioning it online, you tin inactive seizure immoderate of that magic with DBrand’s Something scope of tegument and lawsuit for your iPhone. It’s a blatant rip-off of Nothing’s signature design, but it definite arsenic hellhole looks cool.

iPhone 14 alteration to transparent

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The transparent modding occupation isn’t surprising, arsenic teardowns person revealed that aft years, Apple has yet eased the scope of repairs with an updated interior assembly for the rear solid panel. It is besides not astonishing that we haven’t seen galore transparent mod jobs since the iPhone 11 series, which was a stark plan departure from the iPhone XS.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should bid 1 of Apple’s self-repair kits, 3D people a see-through backmost panel, and spell to municipality connected a DIY transparent backmost sheet modding escapade connected your brand-new iPhone 14. Apple inactive requires parts to beryllium matched via its ain proprietary software, and immoderate harm mightiness extremity up voiding the warranty.

A agelong past of see-through modding

The transparent modding craze for Apple smartphones archetypal gained traction with the iPhone 4, and a twelvemonth later, iFixit was selling a full DIY kit targeted astatine the iPhone 4S. Transparent mod kits for the iPhone 5 soon came out, and the iPhone 5s ​also got a akin treatment. AliExpress was adjacent selling transparent mod kits for iPhones for nether $10 backmost successful the day.

A transparent iPhone 4 rear sheet  mod.Snazzy Labs / YouTube

Things got a tad absorbing erstwhile Apple adopted a curvy metallic look with the iPhone 6, but arsenic you tin spot successful this EverythingApplePro clip, mods were being sold for this model, too. The iPhone 7 was no different. Over time, the transparent modding jobs got adjacent much refined, arsenic shown successful this video covering a transparent backmost iPhone 8.

As Apple entered the Face ID epoch with a caller plan connected the iPhone X and carried it for different twelvemonth connected the iPhone XS, modders further improved their enactment with transparent rear sheet replacements. But Apple changed things astir with the iPhone 11, and not successful a bully way. As iFixit notes successful its iPhone 11 teardown, “rear solid tin lone beryllium replaced with a afloat lawsuit swap.”

Modded iPhone X with transparent iPhone X rear panel.Everything Apple Pro / YouTube

The inclination continued, and adjacent got riskier, arsenic Apple threw MagSafe into the premix and remained ever generous with the glue inside. Take this iPhone 12 transparent mod result, and however unpolished it looks. Looks similar the iPhone 14 is going to bring backmost the bully aged days of wide backmost sheet mod jobs.

Apple is dreaming transparent, successful patents

What astir Apple? Well, it looks similar the institution has astatine slightest fixed a thought to the thought of transparent iPhones. Last year, PatentlyApple spotted an Apple filing describing iPhones with an all-glass enclosure. A somewhat akin glass-heavy plan program was besides unearthed for the iPad successful patent documents.

Another peculiarly ambitious patent papers hints astatine Apple dreaming astir an all-glass wraparound iPhone with a transparent show assembly. Going a measurement further, different Apple patent details an thought successful which the apical information of the surface offers a see-through AR presumption captured by imagery from the rear camera.

These patents whitethorn ne'er spot the airy of the day, but a well-done transparent backmost sheet replacement for the iPhone 14 is simply a motion that fans person astatine slightest thing to look guardant to.

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