The iPhone 14 keeps calling 911 on rollercoasters

The iPhone 14 keeps calling 911 on rollercoasters

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The iPhone 14’s caller Crash Detection feature, which is expected to alert authorities erstwhile it detects you’ve been successful a car accident, has an unexpected broadside effect: it dials 911 connected rollercoasters. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the diagnostic has had instrumentality enforcement sent to amusement parks connected galore occasions aft mistaking a thrill ride’s twists, turns, and hard braking for a existent emergency.

Apple rolled retired Crash Detection with its caller iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra past month, equipping the devices with a gyroscopic sensor and high-g accelerometer trained connected the interaction experienced with simulated car crashes. If the sensors observe that you’ve been successful an accident, your iPhone volition show an alert and telephone exigency services if you don’t disregard it wrong 20 seconds.

When it calls instrumentality enforcement, it volition play an audio connection that alerts authorities you’ve been successful a crash, and besides provides them with your location. (An Apple Watch with Crash Detection tin lone notify authorities if you person your iPhone with you, oregon if it’s connected to a mobile web oregon Wi-Fi.)

Well, that’s precisely what respective users’ Apple devices did, but astatine the incorrect time. In a tweet, WSJ newsman Joanna Stern shares an illustration of 1 of the 911 calls placed portion an iPhone 14’s proprietor was strapped to a rollercoaster astatine Cinninatti’s Kings Island amusement park. As the automated connection plays, you tin perceive muffled screams successful the inheritance arsenic the rollercoaster runs its course.

Last month, Stern enactment Apple’s Crash Detection feature to the trial successful a demolition derby-style experimentation and recovered that it isn’t wholly reliable. While Crash Detection did precocious assistance observe and alert authorities about a fatal clang successful Nebraska, the diagnostic intelligibly has its flaws.

Stern says Warren County, wherever Kings Island is located, received six exigency calls triggered by parkland rides since the iPhone 14’s release. She besides points retired that different users person experienced akin issues successful amusement parks crossed the country. Bringing smartphones connected rides isn’t truly a astute thought to statesman with, but the hazard of mendacious 911 calls mightiness beryllium each the much crushed to permission the iPhone 14 (and different devices) down earlier getting successful that bumper car.

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