The latest Google Workspace update gives businesses one less thing to worry about

The latest Google Workspace update gives businesses one less thing to worry about

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Google Workspace
(Image credit: Google)

Google Workspace admins volition present beryllium capable to specify however and erstwhile Android apps installed connected worker devices update.

Admins volition present beryllium capable to specify whether updates for tools specified as Docs, Sheets and Slides are installed close distant oregon postponed, giving them greater power implicit however Android apps are deployed wrong their fleet of business smartphones and tablets.

In addition, admins volition beryllium capable to acceptable these policies connected a radical level wrong their organizations.

Manage Android apps

Until now, the default behaviour for app updates successful Google Workspace was based astir whether the instrumentality was connected to a Wi-Fi network, charging, and actively successful use.

Google says that this behaviour is not ever suited to the needs of its customers, and that admins request much granular power implicit however apps are updated. 

With this update, admins tin present acceptable circumstantial criteria for erstwhile their employees’ Workspace apps update.

Admins volition present person entree to a assortment of update options. These see “High priority”, wherever updates are installed immediately, arsenic good arsenic “Postponed mode” wherever automatic updates are delayed for 3 months aft a caller mentation launched.

The merchandise update is acceptable for a gradual rollout, allowing up to 15 days for diagnostic visibility, starting connected April 21, 2022.

The caller update is disposable for Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, Frontline, bequest G Suite Business and Basic, and Cloud Identity premium customers.

The quality comes arsenic Google continues to stay progressive successful presumption of adding new features to its Workspace suite.

Google precocious unveiled a bid of updates to the suite, which included the quality to integrate Meet straight into Docs, Sheets and Slides, which allows Google Workspace users to rapidly rotation up a gathering erstwhile collaborating connected a project. 

The update besides included smaller additions, specified arsenic the quality to usage emoji reactions during meetings.

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