The latest hybrid Casio Edifice watch is like a sports car on your wrist

The latest hybrid Casio Edifice watch is like a sports car on your wrist

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Casio Edifice ECP30P-1AV
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has released a caller exemplary successful its hybrid Edifice line, the ECB30P-1AV, and it’s got a slick racecar-inspired caller look successful summation to a acceptable of astute features. 

The ECB30P-1AV, though it’s an analog ticker alternatively than a “true” smartwatch, inactive packs Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a fig of astute features. The ticker volition automatically update to the clip portion successful your existent location, based connected 300 locations worldwide, and the watch’s timer notifications volition brace with your calendar to alert you of an upcoming appointment. It’s adjacent got a useful telephone finder function.

The stopwatch is close to 1/1,000 of a second, and the look contains 2 integer readouts; 1 for the WM Bar to cipher h2o extent (the ticker is water-resistant up to 100 meters/328 feet) and 1 for your alarm signals, which you tin programme successful the Casio Watches app. The ticker has a two-year artillery life, but unfortunately, there’s nary of the Solar charging functionality contiguous connected immoderate of the different watches successful the Edifice line.

All this is housed successful a sleek, sports-car-inspired mechanical look with stainless alloy casing. Even the achromatic polyurethane wrist strap is accordant with the look, arsenic heavy vertical grooves echo Formula 1 tires.  

The ticker is presently disposable successful the US priced astatine $200. Other watches successful the Edifice enactment are disposable internationally, truthful there’s nary crushed the ECB30P-1AV couldn’t look successful different countries precise soon. 

 Needs much drive 

The ticker volition find a location with radical who privation a great-looking, water-resistant analog timepiece with astute functionality but don’t privation to ammunition retired for a full-price, high-spec dive watch. 

However, the Edifice enactment is afloat of these watches, and conscionable due to the fact that this 1 looks great, it doesn’t mean we haven’t seen it each before. To vie with smartwatches and fitness trackers successful the sports abstraction it’s presently playing in, Casio has to spell deeper connected its hybrid betwixt analog and connectivity portion keeping its watches affordable. 

The Withings Scanwatch is simply a fantastic illustration of a existent hybrid betwixt analog and astute technology, though possibly geared toward older users. Give maine immoderate of that blend of smart-analog functionality successful the Edifice ECB30P-1AV’s casing, and possibly I’ll deliberation doubly astir picking 1 up.

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