The mashup of an M1 and G4 is the whimsical Apple desktop I want

The mashup of an M1 and G4 is the whimsical Apple desktop I want

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Apple is releasing cool caller desktop Macs again, but radical are inactive doing plentifulness of amusive projects utilizing older Apple machines. A amusive illustration that we spotted precocious (h/t Input) was this mod by idiosyncratic named Connor, who took the internals of an M1 Mac Mini and enactment them into 1 of Apple’s astir iconic desktops, the iMac G4.

As Connor shows in a YouTube video, the G4 inactive has each of its archetypal functionality aft his mod — it tin play DVDs from an interior thrust (though they did person to swap retired the archetypal one, which connected utilizing IDE) — and astatine archetypal glance, it hasn’t been changed astatine all. But with the surface on, it’s evident the machine is moving the modern macOS Monterey, alternatively of OS X 10.5 Snow Leopard, the past operating strategy that officially supported the G4’s archetypal hardware.

Connor is acold from the archetypal idiosyncratic to mod the iMac G4. Their station adjacent cites another MacRumors user who did an M1-based G4 physique and gives recognition to a guide from the (oft-cited successful the Mac modding community) Dremel Junkie. Searching YouTube reveals that plentifulness of others person done G4 mods. You’ll find a fewer Hackintosh PC builds, a Raspberry Pi-based arcade machine, immoderate upgrades and restorations, and adjacent idiosyncratic who’s turned it into an outer display. The Verge has adjacent made 1 — 1 of our producers, Creighton DeSimone, modded a G4 utilizing a Surface tablet truthful hosts of a unrecorded YouTube amusement could usage it.

It’s nary wonderment radical are drawn to doing amusive things with this computer. It’s got a unsocial plan (as agelong arsenic you’re not comparing it to lamps), but its internals are aged capable that you’re not risking a batch by tearing it apart.

There’s a batch going connected successful the basal of this G4. Image: Connor55

To me, though, Connor’s physique is the golden modular erstwhile it comes to doing this benignant of mod. It keeps amusive things similar the CD thrust and surface from the original, portion updating the parts that were aged and creaky, similar the existent machine and I/O. They’ve besides posted an incredibly in-depth look into their process implicit connected the MacRumors forum, truthful if you’re funny successful each the blood, sweat, and analyzable electronics enactment that went into this mod, beryllium definite to springiness it a look.

When I dropped this mod successful our Slack, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel responded “I privation this truthful bad.” I wholly agree, but fixed conscionable however overmuch enactment went into making it, I deliberation I’ll instrumentality to admiring it connected YouTube for now.