The Nothing Phone 1 won’t be coming to the U.S. after all

The Nothing Phone 1 won’t be coming to the U.S. after all

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The Nothing Phone 1, the latest offering from erstwhile OnePlus main Carl Pei, won’t beryllium coming to the United States this summer. Nothing confirmed the quality to PCMag connected June 22, shutting down immoderate anticipation for a U.S. launch. Instead, the Nothing Phone 1 volition beryllium launching exclusively successful Europe and Asia only, wherever the company’s bearer partnerships are strongest. Nothing does program to motorboat a telephone successful the U.S. astatine immoderate constituent successful the future, conscionable not the Phone 1.

In a connection to PCMag, Nothing said the following:

While we’d emotion to bring telephone (1) to the full assemblage astir the world, we’re focusing connected location markets, including the UK and Europe, wherever we person beardown partnerships with starring section carriers. It takes a batch to motorboat a smartphone arsenic you know, from ensuring the handset is supported by the country’s cellular technologies to bearer partnerships and section regulation, and arsenic we’re inactive a young marque we request to beryllium strategical astir it.

We person large plans to motorboat a U.S. supported smartphone successful the future. For now, a constricted fig of our backstage assemblage investors successful the U.S. volition beryllium capable to get their hands connected telephone (1) done a closed beta program. In the meantime, if readers truly privation telephone (1) to beryllium disposable successful the US arsenic soon arsenic possible, they should telephone their bearer to fto them cognize astir us.

Official glimpse of Nothing Phone 1 with a parrot sitting connected  apical  of phone.

Making this quality each the much disappointing is however Nothing’s Phone 1 would basal retired successful the U.S. market. European and Asian markets already person much assortment successful phones (see this delightful small Naruto phone arsenic an example). It’s a assortment the U.S. desperately lacks, and the Nothing Phone 1 looked similar it would beryllium a catalyst successful changing that. But, alas, that’s not the case. Nothing plans to acceptable its telephone isolated from the battalion with a wacky enactment of dubiously utile LED lights and ringtones.

It’s an absorbing strategy, though not needfully 1 that the institution chose to prosecute of its ain escaped will. It apt wasn’t capable to person the U.S. carriers to hop connected board. Given that it took OnePlus clip to scope that stage, it’s not unexpected that Nothing could beryllium facing akin roadblocks. As for the markets that the Nothing Phone 1 is launching, we cognize that it is coming to the UK done an exclusive concern with O2, astatine the precise least.

“We privation to marque definite that O2 customers ever person entree to the latest and top technology. Nothing telephone (1) provides a operation of large plan and exertion that offers thing genuinely unsocial for our customers,” Gareth Turpin, Chief Commercial Officer of Virgin Media O2, said successful a nationalist statement. “I’m truly excited that we are partnering with Nothing to beryllium the exclusive web supplier successful the UK, arsenic we proceed to reimagine connectivity, connection our customers much choice, and bask the benefits and worth they expect from O2.”

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