The OnePlus 10 doesn’t exist because no one wants it

The OnePlus 10 doesn’t exist because no one wants it

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With each the sound astir the OnePlus 10 Pro, you whitethorn beryllium forgiven for reasoning a humble non-Pro OnePlus 10 has been earnestly overshadowed by its much costly sibling this year. But it hasn’t, and that’s due to the fact that determination isn’t a OnePlus 10. There were 2 lone devices announced during OnePlus’s March 31 motorboat event, the OnePlus 10 Pro and the OnePlus Buds Pro successful a caller color.

Where is it? At the moment, the OnePlus 10 is an implicit no-show. But judging by erstwhile non-Pro OnePlus phones and the existent authorities of not lone the marketplace but OnePlus’s ain scope of devices, it’s astir apt for the best.

No crushed to exist

We gave the OnePlus 9 a alternatively disappointing 6/10 people successful our reappraisal from April 2021, not due to the fact that the telephone was particularly bad, but mostly due to the fact that it didn’t truly person a spot successful the market. It had to instrumentality connected the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the iPhone 12, and the Google Pixel 5, each precise susceptible all-rounders disposable for a akin price. The OnePlus 9 Pro was the acold amended proposition if you were acceptable connected a OnePlus phone, though it was considerably much expensive.

OnePlus 9 surface  and box.

The OnePlus 9 was rapidly dismissed due to the fact that it had obscurity to belong, and its higher-than-usual terms enactment it up against immoderate earnestly desirable smartphones. Would it beryllium immoderate antithetic successful 2022 if OnePlus had announced a OnePlus 10? Let’s ideate the telephone for a moment. It whitethorn person a level 1080p display, a camera without the optical zoom, and 150-degree ultra-wide-angle mode from the 10 Pro, and a $699 price, $200 little than the OnePlus 10 Pro, Looking astatine this, would you attraction astir it?

Perhaps, but determination would beryllium nary crushed to bargain it. For astir that terms you tin person the fantabulous Google Pixel 6 oregon for a small much the Pixel 6 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S22 oregon the Galaxy S21 FE, oregon the iPhone 13 oregon iPhone 13 Mini. Elsewhere successful the satellite the Realme GT 2 Pro, the Xiaomi 12, oregon the Oppo Find X5 each outcry for your attraction too. Where would a stripped-down OnePlus 10 Pro acceptable in?

OnePlus has excessively galore phones already

Wait, you’re saying, I request a OnePlus phone! That’s fine, whitethorn I suggest the OnePlus Nord 2? Still excessively expensive? What astir the OnePlus Nord CE 2 then? Or what astir the Nord N200? OnePlus’s Nord scope has go the de facto low-cost alternate to the OnePlus 10 Pro, to the constituent I said the Nord 2 could person been called the OnePlus 9 Lite erstwhile it was released. Squeezing a OnePlus 10 betwixt the Nord 2 and OnePlus 10 Pro volition capable a terms spread for the company, but devices demanded by the accountants seldom tug astatine our heartstrings.

The OnePlus Nord 2 and the OnePlus 9 Pro.OnePlus 9 Pro (left) and OnePlus Nord 2 (right) Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Those aforesaid accountants whitethorn besides beryllium down the deficiency of a OnePlus 10. OnePlus saw sizeable occurrence successful the U.S. during 2021, with Counterpoint Research indicating a 524% maturation year-on-year, singling retired the Nord bid and its wide availability arsenic a cardinal factor. If the OnePlus 9 besides played a portion successful this awesome increase, a OnePlus 10 would marque sense. But the lack of the telephone indicates the Nord and the Pro models are considerably much fashionable with radical buying caller phones.

There haven’t been immoderate meaningful rumors astir a OnePlus 10 either. Usually, we would spot oregon perceive thing astir upcoming phones, and the deficiency of chatter surrounding it could mean the telephone has ne'er been portion of the program astatine all. However, determination has been speech astir a OnePlus 10R, a mentation of the OnePlus 10 Pro destined for India and perchance different regions too. In summation to the OnePlus 10R, names of other OnePlus phones person besides dispersed recently, including hints astir a OnePlus 10 Ultra and eventually, a Nord 3 too.

The non-Pro mentation of OnePlus’s yearly flagship smartphone hasn’t had a crushed to beryllium for a while

OnePlus started disconnected with 1 smartphone successful its range, earlier moving to 2 phones. These days it has aggregate devices astatine each antithetic prices, aimed astatine antithetic radical surviving successful antithetic regions. OnePlus fans aren’t lacking choice. A elemental non-Pro OnePlus 10 conscionable doesn’t marque consciousness anymore.

Does that mean it’s not coming astatine all?

When Digital Trends asked OnePlus whether determination was thing authoritative to stock astir a OnePlus 10, the reply was a elemental (and standard) “nothing to denote astatine this time.” It’s arsenic non-committal arsenic we expected, successful that the connection could beryllium taken arsenic either it’s ne'er coming truthful don’t fuss asking, oregon that we should hold a fewer months for the OnePlus selling instrumentality to leap backmost into beingness with a caller announcement.

We shouldn’t beryllium bittersweet if it ne'er arrives. The non-Pro mentation of OnePlus’s yearly flagship smartphone hasn’t had a crushed to beryllium for a while. The OnePlus 8 failed to basal out, and the OnePlus 9 was mislaid successful a oversea of amended phones for astir the aforesaid price. I’m not against a OnePlus 10, but it needs to beryllium worthwhile. At the infinitesimal it’s redundant, caused not lone by assertive contention but besides by OnePlus’s ain varied scope of inexpensive smartphones.

If you’re clutching a OnePlus 9 close present instrumentality attraction of it, arsenic it could beryllium the past of its breed.

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