The Sadness preview teases the unspeakable horror ahead

The Sadness preview teases the unspeakable horror ahead

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With the merchandise of the Resident Evil teasers earlier today, fearfulness fans should inquire themselves a elemental question: “What’s worse than a zombie apocalypse?” After all, zombies thin to person reasonably constricted mobility and evidently decreased intelligence capacity. Unless you’re surrounded by zombies, it shouldn’t beryllium excessively hard to escape. The aforesaid can’t beryllium said for the infected successful The Sadness, a Taiwanese fearfulness movie debuting this week connected Shudder. In this movie, the infected clasp each of their mobility and intelligence, which is combined with an impulse to bash the vilest and astir convulsive acts that they tin imagine.

Bloody Disgusting has debuted a preview country from aboriginal successful The Sadness, which introduces the mates who find themselves successful the mediate of an epic outbreak: Jim (Berant Zhu) and Katie (Regina Lei). Jim is the lone 1 who spots an infected pistillate disconnected successful the distance, but adjacent helium doesn’t fishy that the beingness helium enjoyed with Katie volition soon travel to an end.

Shudder besides shared the synopsis for The Sadness, which you tin work below:

“The metropolis of Taipei abruptly erupts into bloody chaos arsenic mean radical are compulsively driven to enact the astir cruel and ghastly things they tin imagine. Murder, torture, and mutilation are lone the beginning. A young mates is pushed to the limits of sanity arsenic they effort to reunite amid the unit and depravity. The property of civility and bid is nary more.” 

Berant Zhu successful  The Sadness.

The Sadness was written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Rob Jabbaz. It volition beryllium disposable connected Shudder today, May 12.

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