The seven best secure messaging apps

The seven best secure messaging apps

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If you’re looking for a mode to support your conversations implicit substance private, it’s important to take your messaging app carefully. Not each of them are end-to-end encrypted (E2EE), and others mightiness person information holes that compromise your privacy.

Simply put, E2EE means that lone you (the sender) and your recipient tin spot the contents of your messages. This — astir importantly — excludes immoderate 3rd parties, similar your mobile carrier, net work supplier (ISP), and telephone manufacturer. Some users whitethorn privation this other furniture of extortion to assistance forestall immoderate extracurricular snooping from the authorities and different organizations that whitethorn effort to usage your backstage conversations against you.

All of the apps listed present are escaped and connection E2EE, truthful you tin interest little astir your privacy. Let’s get into it.


Signal leafage   with conversations A database of conversations connected Signal (the substance is blurred retired for privacy).
You tin customize the inheritance colour of your messages successful Signal.

Signal is 1 of the astir well-known backstage messaging apps and is my idiosyncratic go-to. It offers a simple, aesthetically pleasing interface that makes it casual to usage arsenic a replacement for your device’s default messaging app. Signal besides describes itself arsenic an “independent nonprofit company” that contains nary ads oregon trackers wrong the app. Messages arsenic good arsenic dependable and video calls are E2EE connected Signal.

A note: successful Android, you tin besides put to usage Signal for little unafraid SMS / MMS messages, but the lone mode you tin get afloat extortion successful Signal is if some users astatine either extremity are utilizing the app. (You don’t person to interest astir this if you’re an iPhone user, though, since you can’t alteration your default SMS app.)


Telegram’s homescreen.
Telegram includes immoderate amusive stickers.

Telegram is different large unafraid messaging app. It provides server-client encryption for radical and backstage chats, and you besides tin nonstop messages with E2EE by utilizing Telegram’s Secret Chats feature. This not lone prevents idiosyncratic from forwarding your messages but besides allows you to nonstop self-destructing messages arsenic well, which vanish aft a circumstantial play of time. If you delete your connection successful a concealed chat, Telegram volition besides delete it connected your recipient’s device.

While Telegram precocious rolled retired a paid tier that offers faster downloads and larger record uploads, the escaped mentation of the app inactive has a ton of large features. (Oh, and Telegram has a clump of rad stickers you tin usage to embellish your messages.)


WhatsApp enables E2EE for its messages and calls by default.
WhatsApp volition pass you if you person a connection from idiosyncratic not connected your contacts list.

Anything owned by Meta (Facebook’s genitor company) doesn’t truly overgarment a wide representation of privacy, but WhatsApp is an exception. WhatsApp enables E2EE for its messages and calls by default. Like Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp allows you to make radical chats arsenic good arsenic securely nonstop images, videos, and dependable messages. The institution was met with backlash over its updated privateness argumentation past year, which requires users who interact with businesses connected the app to stock their information with Facebook; however, it’s important to enactment that this doesn’t impact mundane idiosyncratic conversations connected the app.

Wickr Me

Here’s wherever your database of contacts should be.
Wickr Me has tabs for rooms, DMs, and contacts.

Wickr Me is yet different app with a genitor institution that whitethorn marque it look off-putting. Amazon Web Services purchased Wickr Me past year, but the work is inactive a coagulated messaging app that should support your conversations secure. While Wickr Me is geared much toward concern professionals utilizing the app to pass with their colleagues, this doesn’t mean a emblematic idiosyncratic can’t usage it. The escaped mentation of the app allows for encrypted idiosyncratic and radical messaging, audio and video calling, and record sharing. It besides lets you acceptable timers for disappearing messages.


Wire has a reasonably elemental interface.
You tin easy make groups and adhd contacts.

Wire is simply a stripped-down messaging app with a straightforward interface that does precisely what you request it to do: nonstop E2EE messages and marque E2EE dependable and video calls. There are immoderate paid premium options arsenic well, but those plans are champion suited for businesses looking for a unafraid collaboration app.


Viber whitethorn show recommended channels wrong your chat list.
You tin research and articulation antithetic channels to enactment up to day connected assorted topics.

With Viber, you tin expect a full-featured messaging experience, implicit with everything you’d find connected a modern messaging app, similar stickers, GIFs, and connection reactions. It besides functions a spot similar Telegram successful that you tin research and articulation antithetic channels to enactment up to day connected the topics you’re funny in. Although it supports E2EE for calls and messages, it is simply a spot much cluttered than immoderate of the different apps present — you mightiness spot ads and transmission recommendations portion utilizing it.

Skred Messenger

Skred doesn’t summation entree to your device’s contacts.
You tin invitation idiosyncratic to Skred utilizing your QR code.

What’s absorbing astir Skred is that you don’t request a telephone fig oregon email to motion up. Skred besides doesn’t usage your phone’s contacts to observe whether immoderate of your friends usage the app. You tin lone invitation radical to the app by having them scan a QR codification from your app portion successful idiosyncratic oregon by sending them the codification done different messaging service. Skred supports E2EE messaging arsenic good arsenic dependable and video calls.