The Sims 4 devs are teasing [redacted]

The Sims 4 devs are teasing [redacted]

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The Sims 4 devs are teasing a large [redacted] announcement, which could mean thing from a kit up to a caller enlargement pack. But fixed the excitement the folks astatine Maxis are putting out, it seems apt that this volition beryllium a beauteous large announcement – and fixed the precise antagonistic absorption to the precise buggy wedding DLC, the crippled astir apt needs thing large close now.

The devs person utilized the [redacted] gag to tease respective Sims 4 announcements successful the past, and arsenic fansites similar Sims Community person noted, they’re astatine it again. The mysterious [redacted] has new features, new shoes, and new entity text, the devs are very excited astir it, and no, they’re not telling america thing much astatine this time.

We got a Sims 4 roadmap earlier this twelvemonth laying retired the updates for the archetypal 4th of 2022, but that roadmap runs retired astatine the extremity of March. It’s been astir a twelvemonth since the past large enlargement pack, Cottage Living, and the devs had been successful a cadence of twice-yearly enlargement launches since 2018.

For now, a big hole for the My Wedding Stories DLC is connected the way, and the devs person conscionable implemented a large Neighborhood Stories update.

“omg conscionable archer america present it’ll beryllium fine!! 😉”

— 💖 SimGuruNova 💖 (@SimGuruNova) March 15, 2022

For much sandbox games to excavation into, you tin travel that link.

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