The Steam Deck now runs Windows

The Steam Deck now runs Windows

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Valve shipped its $400 handheld gaming console, the Steam Deck, earlier each its promised features were acceptable — but 1 of the biggest is present here. You tin present instal Windows 10 connected a Steam Deck and really expect it to enactment due to the fact that Valve has conscionable released the all-important GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers you’ll request to download and play games.

Importantly, you’ll request to hitch a Steam Deck to bash this, there’s nary dual-boot yet, and Valve says you tin lone instal Windows 10 since the Steam Deck’s existent BIOS seemingly doesn’t see firmware TPM enactment (which Microsoft infamously requires for Windows 11).

Oh, and your speakers and headphone jack won’t enactment due to the fact that there’s nary audio drivers yet. Bluetooth oregon USB-C audio are some options for now.

You tin find Valve’s Windows connected Deck leafage close here — and the Steam Deck Recovery Instructions close here successful lawsuit you screw up oregon tally into 1 of the Deck’s unfortunate bugs. “To get to the footwear menu, powerfulness down. Then, portion holding Volume Down, click the powerfulness button,” writes Valve.

I should enactment that the Steam Deck isn’t quite arsenic buggy contiguous arsenic it was during the reappraisal process, and the updates aren’t coming arsenic accelerated and furious: aft launch, Valve created “stable” and “beta” merchandise channels you tin entree close from the Deck interface. I’ve inactive had immoderate crashes and games that mysteriously stopped moving the mode they did days oregon weeks earlier (looking astatine you, Vampire Survivors), but I’ve besides played hours of Elden Ring and Into the Breach without issues.

I’ll beryllium firing up Windows 10 connected my ain reappraisal portion soon, truthful enactment tuned!

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