These studio monitor Audio-Technica headphones are ON SALE

These studio monitor Audio-Technica headphones are ON SALE

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Audio Technica ATH-M20X workplace  headphones connected  achromatic  background.

Gone are the days erstwhile you person to wage hundreds of dollars for studio-quality audio. Nowadays, you tin get fantabulous headphones that supply exceptional dependable prime without breaking the bank. For example, we spotted 1 of the champion headphone deals we’ve seen each twelvemonth connected Amazon. You tin prime up the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X nonrecreational workplace show headphones for conscionable $49, which is simply a $20 discount connected the regular terms of $69. If you’re looking to bash studio-focused enactment without spending insane amounts of money, this is the deal.

Audio-Technica is simply a beloved marque among budget-conscious audiophiles due to the fact that of its estimation for making immoderate of the best headphones astatine a fraction of the prices of competitors. The ATH-M20X workplace monitors are nary exception, with unthinkable dependable fidelity and studio-grade operation that punches good supra its price. These headphones are equipped with 40-millimeter drivers with copper-clad aluminum ligament dependable coils, ensuring exceptional clarity and fantabulous performance. They’re besides tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance, which means affluent bass portion retaining plentifulness of detail. In addition, you get up to 20,000 Hz of frequence effect and 700 mW of maximum input power. So whether you’re mixing, tracking, oregon doing immoderate idiosyncratic listening, you’ll get large separation.

These headphones besides person a fantastic design. The earcups are built specifically to supply large passive sound isolation truthful that you tin artifact retired biology sound successful large environments. They person a rigid and robust body, with a durable, adjustable headband and up to 15 degrees of earcup swivel successful some directions. The breathable materials and ergonomic plan guarantee that you’ll beryllium capable to enactment these connected your caput for extended periods, cleanable for agelong mixing oregon accumulation sessions. You tin link it to your instrumentality with the agelong 3-meter left-side consecutive cable, with compatibility for some 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm jacks with the included snap-on adapter.

Whether you’re a producer, signaling artist, dependable designer, oregon adjacent idiosyncratic who listens to a batch of music, you can’t spell incorrect with the ATH-M20X. You tin prime up these headphones connected Amazon for conscionable $49, which is simply a $20 discount connected the modular terms tag of $69. That’s an unthinkable terms for specified high-quality audio equipment. This woody mightiness not past for precise long, truthful deed the Buy Now fastener beneath to get this connection portion you inactive can.

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