These vibrating LG Display panels turn car dashboards and headrests into speakers

These vibrating LG Display panels turn car dashboards and headrests into speakers

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LG Display has developed a caller “invisible” talker exertion for vehicles that uses a passport-sized vibrating sheet to make sound. It was developed with an unnamed “global audio company” and is expected to beryllium acceptable for car interiors adjacent twelvemonth for installation successful places similar the dashboard and headliner.

The south-Korean tech giant’s Thin Actuator Sound Solution is being promoted arsenic a replacement for accepted talker systems wrong cars and different vehicles. Unlike existent in-car talker systems that usage dense components similar dependable coils, cones, and magnets, the Thin Actuator Sound Solution uses LG Display’s film-type exciter exertion to make dependable by vibrating disconnected show panels and assorted materials wrong the vehicle, which LG Display claims results successful a “rich, 3D immersive dependable experience.”

The vibrating sheet is astir arsenic heavy arsenic 2 stacked coins

The sheet itself is 2.5-mm heavy (that’s astir 2 coins stacked) and measures 150mm x 90mm (5.9 x 3.5 inches), enabling it to beryllium installed successful unconventional locations specified arsenic the dashboard, headliner, pillar, and headrests. The sheet besides weighs 40g (1.4 ounces) — making it conscionable 30 percent of the value and 10 percent of the thickness of a accepted car speaker, according to LG Display. 

Both LG Display and Sony person utilized akin vibrating panels successful OLED TVs, but portion the exertion itself isn’t a wholly caller innovation we’ve yet to spot it adopted arsenic a wide replacement for accepted dependable systems. LG Display says it plans to commercialize accumulation of the Thin Actuator Sound Solution for cars successful the archetypal fractional of adjacent year, but we’ll get to perceive however it really performs successful January astatine CES 2023 successful Las Vegas.

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