These wireless earbuds pack ANC and superb battery life at an affordable price

These wireless earbuds pack ANC and superb battery life at an affordable price

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Creative Outlier Pro wireless headphones
(Image credit: Creative)

Audio marque Creative has conscionable announced its latest brace of wireless earbuds. The Creative Outlier Pro existent wireless earbuds are disposable to bargain now, and person our eyebrows raised with features similar hybrid progressive sound cancellation and up to 60 hours of artillery beingness acknowledgment to the pair's sleek-looking charging case.

Announced via property release, the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds tin beryllium purchased from Creative's ain online store, and are amazingly affordable, mounting you backmost conscionable $119 / £84.99 (around AU$159). That's an particularly decent terms considering the higher-end features, galore of which you'll find successful the best wireless earbuds you tin bargain today.

As mentioned, 1 of the standout features of the Creative Outlier Pro true wireless earbuds is the earnestly awesome artillery life. By default, you'll get 15 hours from a azygous charge, with up to 45 hours much provided by the charging case. With hybrid ANC enabled, that drops to 10 hours connected a azygous charge, which is inactive rather substantial.

Creative Outlier Pro

(Image credit: Creative)

Big features, tiny price

Great artillery beingness isn't each the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds person going for them. The aforementioned hybrid progressive sound cancellation - according to Creative's website - has a precocious effectual scope that tin artifact retired astir sound generated by traffic, pets, voices and different audible sources.

Additionally, if you're privation to beryllium a spot alert of your surroundings, the buds besides diagnostic an Ambient mode that provides a equilibrium betwixt having ANC connected oregon off. This could beryllium a large diagnostic if you inactive request to support an receptor retired for definite sounds, similar oncoming traffic, for example.

All ANC modes, arsenic good arsenic customizable interaction controls, tin beryllium adjusted via the Creative mobile app, too, truthful you won't request to fiddle with the wireless earbuds straight if you privation to find the champion settings to suit your needs. A precocious IPX5 h2o absorption standing should besides support the buds from sweat, rainfall and agelong word deterioration and tear.

Lastly, we'd similar to interaction connected the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds' signifier origin and design, which look to beryllium reasonably premium for the comparatively debased price. Graphene-coated drivers should hopefully let for a crisp, wide listening experience, portion the charging lawsuit itself features an impressively caller design, with the broadside of the lawsuit sliding outwards and revealing the earbud slots within.

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