This Huawei smartwatch could feature built-in wireless earbuds - but why?

This Huawei smartwatch could feature built-in wireless earbuds - but why?

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Huawei Watch 3 GT
(Image credit: Huawei)

A trademark exertion for the Huawei Watch Buds has been discovered, presenting a smartwatch with built-in wireless earbuds. That means that a brace of buds volition travel slotted successful the sides of the smartwatch by default - but why? It turns retired it could beryllium a batch much utile than it really sounds.

The trademark application, spotted by LetsGoDigital, was filed connected March 28, but it isn't the archetypal clip Huawei has tried to get the conception of a smartwatch with built-in earbuds disconnected the ground. Back successful 2018, patents for the Huawei Watch 3 showed that the smartwatch was initially planned to diagnostic built-in wireless earbuds.

It's besides not the archetypal shaper to the array here, arsenic the DrPhone marque already has respective smartwatches with built-in earbuds available. However, Huawei could beryllium the archetypal well-known marque to bring the conception to market.

There's presently nary info pointing to a merchandise day oregon an authoritative announcement connected the Huawei Watch Buds - a patent can't beryllium taken arsenic a warrant that a instrumentality volition really travel to market.

Still, it's imaginable we'll get a uncover for the ambitious instrumentality sometime this year. We besides ideate that the Huawei Watch Buds volition tally connected Huawei's bespoke HarmonyOS operating system, but that's yet to beryllium confirmed.

Analysis: what's the point?

The thought of a smartwatch featuring built-in wireless earbuds initially sounds antagonistic intuitive. After all, astir of the best smartwatches you tin bargain are impressively small, and adding successful a brace of built-in buds could pb to the ticker itself being a spot bulkier than what galore mightiness beryllium comfy with.

On the different hand, a brace of built-in true wireless earbuds does person its benefits. On the surface, you're getting a brace of earbuds thrown successful with the outgo of a smartwatch, and if they're slotted into the sides of the instrumentality by default, you mightiness not person to brace them externally via a smartphone.

There's besides a anticipation that the earbuds would beryllium capable to complaint portion slotted into the Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch. This hasn't been confirmed, but specified a diagnostic would besides eschew the request for a charging lawsuit to support the earbuds topped up. The downside there, then, would beryllium that the smartwatch itself whitethorn instrumentality a bigger deed to its artillery beingness portion the buds are slotted and charging.

We besides can't presently talk to the audio prime the buds themselves volition provide. That said, we've been impressed with Huawei's earbuds successful the past, peculiarly the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, which featured fantastic noise-cancellation and decent sound. They're by nary means among the best wireless earbuds you tin buy, but are a coagulated acquisition nonetheless.

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