This Lenovo Chromebook is ONLY $89 today — but hurry!

This Lenovo Chromebook is ONLY $89 today — but hurry!

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Lenovo Chromebook 3 11 sits unfastened  connected  woody  desk.

If you’re looking for affordable laptop options, you should decidedly cheque retired Chromebook deals. These Chrome OS-powered devices are packed with each the essentials for penning papers, doing homework, and browsing the web, making them perfect for student laptop deals. Right now, you tin get 1 of the champion fund laptop deals astir astatine Best Buy. Pick up the 11-inch Lenovo Chromebook 3 for conscionable $89, which is simply a whopping $130 disconnected the regular terms of $219. That’s easy 1 of the lowest prices you’ll get for a caller laptop successful 2022. Keep speechmaking to larn wherefore this laptop packs a punch for its terms point.

While it’s not precisely 1 of the best Chromebooks, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 packs plentifulness of computing powerfulness for a laptop that costs nether $100. Under the hood, this nifty laptop is equipped with a amazingly accelerated dual-core AMD A6 processor, which is much than capable to tally indispensable tasks for a student. Coupled with the capable 4GB of strategy memory, and you’ll beryllium capable to bash immoderate decent multitasking with this instrumentality — whether it’s moving aggregate apps oregon having respective browser tabs open.

The integrated AMD Radeon R5 graphics spot is besides beauteous bully for the price, with plentifulness of graphical processing powerfulness for movies and adjacent immoderate basal photograph editing connected the web. You adjacent get a escaped three-month subscription to YouTube Premium, truthful you tin ticker videos ad-free to your heart’s content. There’s besides 32GB of flash representation to store your documents, which is expandable with the built-in microSD paper scholar built for accelerated record transfers. You tin besides prevention your files to a Google Drive relationship oregon sync your tabs and contented with different devices that tally a Chrome browser. There’s adjacent a built-in HD webcam with a microphone, which makes it casual to hop connected a video telephone successful a pinch.

If this sounds similar the cleanable laptop for you oregon your kids, past there’s nary clip to waste. Right now, you tin get this fully-featured fund Chromebook for conscionable $89 astatine Best Buy. That’s a monolithic $130 discount from the archetypal terms of $219 — an implicit bargain of a price. Hit that Buy Now fastener beneath and get this laptop woody earlier it expires.

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