This MMO survival game is Ark but you play as a dinosaur

This MMO survival game is Ark but you play as a dinosaur

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There’s a caller survival game coming that’s fundamentally Ark: Survival Evolved but you play arsenic the dinosaurs. Path of Titans is simply a fun-looking indie game where you instrumentality connected the relation of one of respective dinosaurs and effort to past successful a pre-human satellite – and there’s a beta coming this summer.

There are a batch of large dinosaur games connected PC, from Ark to Jurassic World Evolution 2, but precise fewer wherever you really get to play arsenic a dinosaur. Path of Titans, from Australian indie developer Alderon Games, is a cross-platform endurance MMO game where players roleplay arsenic 1 of implicit 30 imaginable dinosaurs successful a big sandbox game environment.

A precise aboriginal entree mentation of Path of Titans has been disposable connected the developer’s website for a small while, and the squad is present readying a beta for motorboat this summertime crossed “PC, mobile, consoles, Mac and Linux”, with the “first of several” 8 x 8 km maps available.

You tin cheque retired the astir caller developer update below, including a look astatine the game’s latest dinosaur, the amargasaurus. There’s nary connection yet connected a much circumstantial merchandise day for either the beta oregon Path of Titans itself, so check retired the game’s Twitter account for the announcement.

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For much dinosaur news, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is getting an enlargement themed astir the caller Dominion movie, and Ark 2 may beryllium a happening with Vin Diesel but who knows anymore.