This sinister Starfield secret is straight out of Dead Space

This sinister Starfield secret is straight out of Dead Space

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There are a batch of Starfield secrets hiding successful the caller gameplay trailer, fto unsocial the last RPG game. One subordinate discovered the much-memed abstraction food sandwich hiding successful a azygous shot, but this caller find is overmuch little joyful. In fact, this creepy Starfield Easter is much similar thing retired of a horror game, specified arsenic Dead Space oregon System Shock.

The gameplay trailer contains conscionable a fistful of the 1,000 planets disposable successful Starfield, but 1 of the large cities successful the game is called Neon – a gaudy, Cyberpunk 2077-like location. In the city’s first changeable successful the gameplay showcase, players person spotted some graffiti adjacent to a vent with the sinister informing “they are coming.”

We tin lone speculate arsenic to who “they” are, but it surely sounds ominous and similar something you’d spot successful Citadel Station oregon the USG Ishimura. One imaginable culprit is simply a Starship Troopers-like four-legged carnal that appears connected a whiteboard successful the lockpicking country arsenic the taxable of a cloning experiment, with disturbing scratches connected the metallic walls elsewhere successful that location.

The carnal itself briefly appears astir the 8:08 people successful the trailer, at which constituent Starfield starts to look a batch much similar Doom.

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You tin cheque retired the sinister graffiti courtesy of Twitter idiosyncratic @0dah_Ladders.

On Neon you tin spot a precise absorbing graffity…

"They are coming"

who…is coming? #Starfield

— Odah – LADDERS (@0dah_Ladders) June 16, 2022

Scary stuff, each right. Given however creepy the likes of Skyrim and Fallout tin get connected occasion, we’re not astatine each amazed that Starfield is hiding immoderate sinister secrets. In space, nary 1 tin perceive you scream, aft all.

Equally horrifically, Starfield is missing seamless ship-to-planet abstraction travel, something I americium much than a small upset about – though I’ll astir apt get implicit it erstwhile fleeing from creepy clone creatures successful a hurry.