This Wonderlands interactive map is great for collectible hunting

This Wonderlands interactive map is great for collectible hunting

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If you’ve been blasting your mode done the phantasy lands of precocious released looter-shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you’ll cognize that it’s packed to the brim with each sorts of hidden trinkets and collectibles to nab astir each corner. Thankfully, Map Genie, who has enactment unneurotic interactive maps for a ton of large games, is already hard astatine enactment connected a map to screen each your Wonderlands needs.

The tract offers extended maps with pins for conscionable astir everything you tin pin down to a azygous determination – whether that beryllium collectibles specified arsenic the loot-boosting Lucky Dice, Lost Marbles, Poetry Pages, and Shrine Pieces, large loot thorax and unsocial instrumentality locations, oregon halfway crippled progression spots including accelerated question points, named force encounters, and quest-giving NPCs.

In summation to filling retired checklists and satisfying those completionist urges, galore of the collectibles successful Wonderlands supply you with contiguous rewards specified arsenic bonus loot whilst besides offering tangible imperishable upgrades to your character’s stats – making them indispensable for immoderate players looking to max retired their quality sheets.

As with different offerings from Map Genie, the representation is afloat interactive, meaning you tin toggle the assorted pins connected and disconnected oregon execute customized searches to much intelligibly spot the things that are astir utile to you. The representation is besides precise clean, making it a bully companion portion to warring your mode done the colourful worlds of Bunkers & Badasses if you’re uncovering the in-game representation offering a small clunky to navigate.

Map Genie does enactment that the representation is inactive a enactment successful advancement and that definite items whitethorn not beryllium shown yet. However, their enactment connected different releases has been convenient successful the past, and they’re already good underway with different recently-released titles specified arsenic Elden Ring and Ghostwire Tokyo. There’s besides the enactment to upgrade to a “Pro” mentation of a representation for further features specified arsenic customized pins and the quality to people disconnected objects arsenic you observe them.

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If you’re inactive undecided connected Gearbox’s follow-up to Borderlands, our Wonderlands review from Phil Iwaniuk described it arsenic “a crippled satellite I genuinely bask spending clip in” and a testament to the developers that they’ve kept a well-worn look feeling fresh.

If you’re looking to get the astir retired of your clip successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, beryllium definite to cheque retired our lists of the best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands builds and legendary weapons, arsenic good arsenic checking successful for immoderate Skeleton Key Shift codes to get your hands connected immoderate delicious bonus loot.

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