Thoughtworks to develop Australia's electronic birth certificate

Thoughtworks to develop Australia's electronic birth certificate

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births-deaths-marriages.jpg Image: Asha Barbaschow/ZDNet

Thoughtworks has landed the declaration to assistance the New South Wales authorities make a nationalist integer commencement certificate.

The NSW authorities archetypal announced its plans for a nationalist physics commencement certificate successful April 2021. At the time, NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Victor Dominello said the purpose of the inaugural was to "use exertion to marque beingness easier for families, truthful they tin walk much clip with their newborn and little clip dealing with government".

The authorities authorities past issued a tender past November successful hunt for a vendor to assistance physique the integer certificate.

With Thoughtworks securing that contract, it volition present beryllium liable for delivering a integer commencement certificate that tin run crossed aggregate platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, and arsenic a multi-browser web app.

The project, slated to motorboat aboriginal this year, volition besides acquisition beta investigating for prime and web contented accessibility, applicable ineligible and regulatory requirements, and to guarantee each applicable information privateness and cybersecurity specifications are met.

Prior to issuing the tender, the NSW authorities undertook a probe process wherever it consulted a agelong database of stakeholders, which helped it found guiding principles for the merchandise design.

According to NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage registrar Amanda Ianna, the probe uncovered 4 cardinal features customers crossed nationalist and backstage assemblage expect to beryllium included successful the integer commencement certificate: Security and privacy, specified arsenic having lone minimal accusation disposable connected screens; it tin beryllium utilized for verification and traceability; it needs to incorporate a root of information erstwhile a transcript of it is shared; and it indispensable incorporate the astir up-to-date accusation connected a person.

The NSW authorities has assured that erstwhile the integer commencement certificate is released, it volition beryllium optional and designed to complement the insubstantial commencement certificate, not regenerate it.

"The integer commencement certificate volition beryllium much than conscionable the commencement of identity. It'll assistance to enactment your story," Ianna said previously.

"If you look astatine the graphics connected it, the graphics volition really lucifer the commencement certificate insubstantial that we usage successful this full country. Every authorities and territory usage the aforesaid commencement certificate paper, and we volition reflector what we physique to look precisely the same."