Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes guide: Stats, feats, skills, and more

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes guide: Stats, feats, skills, and more

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If you’ve ever played a D&D run (or an RPG successful general), you cognize the value of choosing the close class. Each comes with its pros and cons, leaving the prime up to your preferred playstyle. Classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gel unneurotic successful 2 antithetic ways. But the choices you marque during quality instauration could person lasting effects connected your full game.

First, you’ll take a people and a Twist of Fate (your character’s backstory). Then you’ll allocate 10 escaped stat points nevertheless you deem fit. So what are the antithetic classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which Twists of Fates should you choose, and however should you allocate your archetypal stats?

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Classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The Village Idiot Twist of Fate successful  Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

There are six unsocial classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, each with a passive people feat and 2 enactment skills. You’ll person entree to your archetypal enactment accomplishment from the opening but won’t unlock the 2nd 1 until you’ve leveled up.

Class feats are your class’s unsocial ability. However, you don’t trigger people feats with circumstantial fastener inputs. They’re passive abilities that are ever progressive oregon triggered by different action. Each people besides comes with a elemental leveling histrion akin to immoderate different RPG you’ve ever played.

As you level up, you’ll gain stat points and accomplishment points to allocate accordingly. Stat points spell toward your strength, dexterity, intelligence, etc., portion accomplishment points get assigned on your accomplishment tree.

Once you take your class, you’ll prime your Twist of Fate, which is fundamentally your character’s backstory. Twists of Fate springiness you bonus stat points to circumstantial abilities portion lowering others. For example, The Village Idiot (seen above) gives america +8 spot but -3 intelligence.

How bash stats enactment successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Stats similar spot and dexterity govern antithetic abilities successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Understanding however they enactment and what they buff is important erstwhile gathering your archetypal character.

  • Strength: Increases your captious deed damage
  • Dexterity: Increases your captious deed chance
  • Intelligence: Increases your spell cooldown rate
  • Wisdom: Increases your presumption (or elemental) effect damage
  • Constitution: Increases your max HP and ward (your overshield)
  • Attunement: Increases your enactment accomplishment cooldown complaint (you tin usage them much often with precocious attunement)

Constitution and attunement are 2 stats that enactment with each classes and should beryllium leveled up accordingly. Don’t neglect your HP and enactment accomplishment cooldowns to woody much captious damage.

Before you begin

Before you statesman your journey, you’ll get to allocate 10 stat points. Pay attraction to the close broadside of the screen, arsenic the crippled tells you which stats enactment champion with which class. For example, Stabbomancers, Clawbringers, and Brr-Zerkers payment from accrued strength. On the different hand, Spellshots and Graveborns payment from accrued intelligence. You tin re-pick your Twist of Fate if your archetypal enactment doesn’t align with the suggestions. For example, a Spellshot shouldn’t besides beryllium the Village Idiot.

Skip the Twist of Fate screen, play astir with your stats, and past spell backmost for the champion results. Thankfully, you won’t person to re-allocate those stats if you spell back, and you tin spot however your Twist changes things up. To us, it feels similar these screens should beryllium reversed.

Keep successful mind, classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands don’t enactment similar tried and existent RPG classes. For example, there’s nary classical healer, tank, oregon assassin. While you could telephone the Stabbomancer the “assassin,” it’s not wholly applicable.

That being said, let’s dive into the antithetic classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, dissect their skills, and find which stats and Twists of Fate are best.

The Stabbomancer

The Stabbomancer people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

The Stabbomancer works similar a melee/stealth people with an accrued captious deed chance.

  • Class Feat: Increased captious deed chance
  • Action accomplishment one: Ghost Blade — Throw a spinning leaf that does melee harm to adjacent enemies based connected your equipped weapon.
  • Action accomplishment two: From the Shadows — Turn invisible and woody automatic captious hits. However, captious deed harm is reduced.

The Stabbomancer benefits from accrued strength, dexterity, and wisdom. The Stabbomancer focuses connected accrued captious and elemental limb harm alternatively than casting spells. For that reason, The Village Idiot is the champion Twist of Fate for the Stabbomancer. From there, you tin allocate your 10 stat points to dexterity and wisdom.

The Clawbringer

The Clawbringer people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Also known arsenic Thor, the Clawbringer focuses connected presumption effect melee/gun damage.

  • Class Feat: Wyvern Companion — You’re accompanied by a Wyvern (tiny dragon) that flies astir and inflicts occurrence harm onto enemies.
  • Action accomplishment one: Cleansing Flames — Summon a hammer and slam it into the crushed to make a occurrence nova that causes melee harm to adjacent enemies.
  • Action accomplishment two: Storm Dragon’s Judgment — Throw your hammer (like Thor) and woody lightning harm (also similar Thor) to immoderate force it touches. The hammer sticks wherever it lands and does AOE lightning harm each 2nd to adjacent enemies. Recall the hammer by pressing R1 (or your assigned enactment accomplishment button) again.

According to the game, the Clawbringer benefits from accrued spot and constitution. However, we’d reason they payment from contented much than anything. The Clawbringer is each astir elemental damage. You tin spell successful 1 of 2 directions from here: Do you privation to beryllium a spell-casting Clawbringer oregon a gunplay/melee-focused Clawbringer?

Spell-casting Clawbringers tin opt for the Failed Monk Twist of Fate and past marque up the mislaid Strength stats. On the different hand, melee-focused Clawbringers tin take the Rogue Alchemist and put their 10 stat points successful the mislaid constitution. Really, the Clawbringer benefits from each Twist but for Raised by Elves and Recovering Inventory Hoarder, which don’t connection overmuch anyway.

The Spellshot

The Spellshot people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

The Spellshot is the closest to classical mage classes successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

  • Class Feat: Spell Weaving — When you formed a spell oregon reload (which you’ll often do), you’ll get accrued spell harm that stacks with each formed and reload. These stacks decay implicit time.
  • Action accomplishment one: Polymorph — Turn an force into a harmless skeep for a fewer seconds.
  • Action accomplishment two: Ambi-Hextrous — Equip a 2nd spell (hotkeys to the enactment accomplishment button).

You’ll person to grind levels with the Spellshot people to unlock the Ambi-Hextrous. However, you’ll beryllium dual-wielding spells similar a existent mage of the Wonderlands erstwhile you do.

Stat-wise, the Spellshot benefits from accrued quality and dexterity. However, you should besides see wisdom, arsenic astir spells bash elemental damage. Therefore, the Failed Monk Twist of Fate is the champion enactment for Spellshots. Invest your remaining stat points into dexterity and attunement to beryllium casting spells near and close (literally).

The Graveborn

The Graveborn people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

The Graveborn is the acheronian magic people successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

  • Class Feat: Demi-Lich Companion — You’re accompanied by a floating Demi-Lich (skull-bird thing) that deals ranged acheronian magic damage.
  • Action accomplishment one: Dire Sacrifice — Sacrifice a information of your HP to woody acheronian magic harm to adjacent enemies. You’ll besides use acheronian magic presumption effects to adjacent enemies.
  • Action accomplishment two: Reaper of Bones — Fully heal yourself and summation accrued Leech Efficacy (absorb HP) and acheronian magic damage. You will, however, gradually suffer HP until you yet die. But erstwhile you would typically die, you go concisely invulnerable and retrieve a tiny magnitude of HP. This is decidedly 1 of the much progressive enactment skills successful Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and 1 that you’ll request to get utilized to.

Like the Spellshot, the Graveborn benefits from accrued quality and wisdom, frankincense bolstering their presumption effect damage. It’s besides worthy investing successful constitution, arsenic much wellness means extended clip for Reaper of Bones. Therefore, the champion Graveborn Twist of Fate is the Failed Monk. From there, put your stat points successful constitution and wisdom, arsenic you’ll beryllium doing much AOE presumption harm than nonstop captious damage.

The Spore Warden

The Spore Warden people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

The Spore Warden works arsenic the long-ranged specializer of the group.

  • Class Feat: Mushroom Companion — You’ll summon an adorable-yet-terrifying mushroom buddy who attacks and deals poison harm to enemies.
  • Action accomplishment one: Barrage — Simultaneously sprout 7 spectral arrows that ricochet doubly betwixt adjacent enemies.
  • Action accomplishment two: Blizzard — Cast 3 frost cyclones that question retired adjacent enemies and woody frost damage.

The Spore Warden benefits from accrued dexterity and attunement. However, players should besides put successful contented if they usage the Blizzard ability. But if you’re inclined toward the Barrage skill, put successful spot instead. You tin spell a fewer antithetic directions with the Spore Warden based connected which enactment accomplishment you similar — either the Village Idiot oregon the Rogue Alchemist. Then allocate your stats to bolster dexterity successful either case.

The Brr-Zerker

The Brr-Zerker people  from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

As the sanction suggests, the Brr-Zerker deals successful frost presumption damage.

  • Class Feat: Rage of the Ancients — When you activate your enactment skill, you go enraged and woody bonus frost harm to each your attacks
  • Action accomplishment one: Dreadwind — You rotation around, slashing thing adjacent with your melee weapon.
  • Action accomplishment two: Feral Surge — Leap guardant and woody frost harm to each adjacent enemies.

As a Brr-Zerker, the crippled tells you to put successful strength, constitution, and attunement. However, you should besides look into contented to bolster your frost damage. Therefore, prime the Rogue Alchemist oregon Village Idiot Twists of Fate, and past allocate your stats based connected which were unaffected (or debuffed) by your Twist.

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