Today’s best phone deal: Get an iPhone SE 2 for $284 today

Today’s best phone deal: Get an iPhone SE 2 for $284 today

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While Apple’s lineup of phones is impressive, they besides thin to beryllium expensive, and adjacent their newest iPhone SE 2022, a exemplary ostensibly marketed arsenic affordable, tin inactive beryllium beauteous costly fixed that it starts astatine $430. Thankfully, older models of iPhones are inactive going around, including this refurbished iPhone SE 2 from Gamestop that adjacent gives you a discount down to $284 from $400. That’s a beauteous important discount and 1 of the amended iPhone deals if you privation to prime up 1 of Apple’s phones.

Right disconnected the bat, we person to accent that the refurbishment occupation from Gamespot is top-notch, and we notation that due to the fact that we cognize however put-0ff immoderate mightiness beryllium with refurbished electronics, but we wouldn’t database present if we didn’t spot it. Not lone is it cleaned and sanitized, astir apt 1 of the astir important things you tin bash to usage electronics, but it besides goes done a 27-point inspection process to certify it’s successful the archetypal moving order. Not lone that, but it comes with a 30-day instrumentality model for a afloat refund if determination are immoderate issues, arsenic good arsenic a one-year constricted warranty, which is large since astir electrical gremlins thin to amusement up successful the archetypal fewer months of owning electronics.

As for the iPhone itself, it has immoderate large specs, with the celebrated 4.7-inch retina surface being large for those who emotion to ticker and watercourse contented connected their phone. It has Apple’s A13 chip, 1 of their astir powerful, and lone a mates of generations down their flagship model, truthful you’re inactive getting a ton of usage retired of it. The interior retention comes successful astatine 64GBs, though you tin get refurbished models with 128gGBs and 256GBs, with the 128GBs mentation being a information if you tin spend it. Most importantly, the iPhone comes unlocked, truthful you tin usage it with whichever web is champion for you!

Overall, adjacent though this iPhone SE 2 is refurbished, Gamestop does a bully occupation successful their refurbishment process, and the discount they provide, bringing it down to $284 from $400, is besides a beauteous important inducement to prime 1 up. If you bash extremity up getting it, you should cheque retired immoderate of the different Apple deals that you tin brace with your caller iPhone, oregon if you’d similar to spot what the remainder of the marketplace has to offer, we person immoderate large phone deals for you to look astatine arsenic well.

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