“Tower Of Fantasy” Guide: How To Get SSR Relic, Colossus Arms

“Tower Of Fantasy” Guide: How To Get SSR Relic, Colossus Arms

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“Tower Of Fantasy” is simply a monolithic shared open-world RPG for PC and mobile. The crippled offers a wide assortment of features, 1 of the astir salient is the exploration and postulation of antithetic Relics. This usher volition archer you however to get 1 of the SSR rarity Relic, the Colossus Arms.

What Is The Colossus Arms?

The Colossus Arm is 1 of the SSR fertile Relics successful the game. It’s massive, looks cool, and has immoderate beauteous awesome features. Once utilized you’ll summation deed stun immunity for 20 seconds. You tin besides usage it to onslaught enemies that woody 1,387.7% of your ATK stats and volition motorboat enemies portion the accomplishment harm volition woody 453.5% of your ATK stats arsenic well. This volition past for 10 seconds.

How To Obtain The SSR Relic, Colossus Arms

Step 1: Obtain Strawberry Soda

Teleport to Hykros and spell to the 2nd floor. Here, you’ll find vending machines. Approach 1 and prime “Search.” The vending instrumentality volition past driblet a consumable, 1 of which is Strawberry Soda. You tin besides get them successful the vending machines astatine the Carnival connected Cetus Island.

Step 2: Obtain Toolset 

You’ll request a toolset down the roadworthy to get the SSR Colossus Arms truthful amended get it now. To get one, you’ll request to bargain a “Fine Gift” successful the Points Store. Open the “Fine Gift” and prime the toolset. You tin besides get this from the Crystal Dust Store.

Step 3: Talk To The Hyena Guard In The First Hyena Oil Rig

To statesman the Colossus Arms quest, you’ll request to archetypal speech to the Hyena Guard successful the First Hyena Oil Rig. This country tin beryllium recovered west of Signal Station Ruins adjacent the 2 tiny islands. You tin usage your Relic Jetboard to easy traverse the waters. If you don’t person this yet, advancement done the main storyline to get it. Once connected the lipid rig, speech to the Hyena Guard and prime the archetypal dialog option. This volition trigger the Colossus Arms quest to begin.

Step 4: Gain Access To The Oil Rig 

Once you’re done talking to the Hyena Guard, he’ll contradict you entree to the rig. To summation entrance, you’ll request to spell to Banges Docks and speech to NPC, Post Guard Lowzall. Exhaust his dialog and he’ll springiness you entree to the Oil Rig.

Step 5: Go Back To The Hyena Oil Rig

Once you’re done talking to Lowzall, spell backmost to the Hyena Oil Rig and speech to the Guard erstwhile again. A 3rd dialog enactment volition present beryllium available. Choose that. You’ll past summation entree to the Rig. Head connected up and find the Hyena Classified Document. It’s reasonably casual to spot since it’s beside a proviso pod. Do not hide to work the Classified Document oregon the quest won’t proceed.

Step 6: Go To The Second Hyena Oil Rig

Now it’s clip to spell to the 2nd Hyena Oil Rig. You tin find it west of Rain Caller Island retired astatine sea. You’ll request your Jetboard again to traverse the waters. Once there, different defender volition beryllium waiting for you. Talk to him and prime these 3 answers:

  • I’m present for the Hyenas Carnival.
  • Hyena Queen
  • This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival.
  • The Heirs of Aida of course.

If each your answers are correct, he’ll fto you successful the rig. Once inside, speech to the large feline called Morgley. This is wherever the Strawberry Soda comes into play. He’ll beryllium asking for the Soda truthful springiness it to him. Once done, he’ll springiness you the quest item, Components which you’ll request later.

Step 7: Activate The 3 Hyena Beacons

The adjacent measurement is to activate the 3 Hyena Beacons recovered successful Navia Bay. They are towers with a outer crockery and are precise disposable if you look astir the bay. There’s 1 located adjacent a abstraction rift (Teleport Pad) truthful you tin commencement from there. Each Beacon has a antithetic task:

  • One beacon volition simply request you to affix the constituent you got from Morgley and activate it. Once done, the beacon volition nonstop retired a awesome question that volition unlock 1 of the symbols to activate the teleport pad to the Colossus Arms.
  • Another beacon needs a password: 5972. Once you’ve entered the password, activate the beacon.
  • The 3rd beacon has immoderate damaged components which you volition request to repair. This is wherever the toolset comes into play. Repair the 3 malfunctioning machines successful the beacon. Two are recovered wrong the power country and 1 extracurricular the walkway. Once repaired, activate the beacon.

Step 8: Enter The Ecological Park

Once each 3 beacons are activated, the Ecological Park volition yet beryllium unlocked. That is the tiny floating level astatine the halfway of Navia Bay. This is wherever the Colossus Arm is located. Head connected down to wherever the teleport pad is. It tin easy beryllium seen since it’s the 1 astatine the halfway of the bay with a bluish beam emitting from it. Once there, interact with the instrumentality and prime “Enter the ecological park.”

Step: 9 Obtain The Colossus Arms

The beam volition transmit you to the apical platform. Here you’ll find 4 proviso pods and astatine the precise halfway astatine the apical of the pedestal is the SSR Relic, Colossus Arms! Get each the goodies including the relic and voila, the Colossus Arms are yours! Congratulations!

We anticipation this usher has helped you get 1 of the SSR Relics recovered successful “Tower Of Fantasy.” Enjoy your awesome-looking arms since you tin present punch distant your enemies with style! The crippled is disposable for PC, Android, and iOS. To larn much astir the crippled and however to download it, sojourn its official website.

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