“Tower Of Fantasy” is simply a monolithic futuristic shared open-world for mobile and PC. The crippled is chock afloat of explorable areas and interactive doodads that are scattered astir the world. Players mightiness person already encountered immoderate of the astir head-scratching puzzles successful the game: items that are locked down a obstruction that needs a password to beryllium deactivated. 

The Passwords

To marque your beingness successful “TOF” a spot easier, here’s a database of passwords for Electronic Locks, the areas they are found, and the representation coordinates for easier navigation.

Electronic Locks:

  • HT201 Shelter (map coordinates 85.0, 967.0) password: 1647
  • The Lumina (map coordinates 788.0, 670.0) password: 1024
  • Seaforth Dock (map coordiantes 515.0,768.5) password: 3594
  • North Seventh Day Forest (map coordinates -536.8, -448.9) password: 2202

Deconstruction Devices:

  • Miners Camp, PDC1 Device (map coordinates 376.6, 245.3) password: 4753
  • The Lumina, PDC2 Device (map coordinates 734.0, 849.0) password: 7268
  • Aarniel Fortress, PDW1 Device (map coordinates 380.7, -832.5) password 8521


  • Navia Signal Station (map coordinates -757.8, -569.9) password: 5972
  • Navia Memory Puzzle (map coordinates -645.1, -849.1) password 3344
  • Locked Door astatine Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier (map coordinates 651.1, -1242.8) password: 7092

We anticipation that this abbreviated and elemental usher volition marque your gaming beingness successful “Tower Of Fantasy” a small spot easier. The crippled is present disposable for some PC and mobile devices. To larn much astir the crippled oregon download it, sojourn their official website.