Trailer Park Boys on Canadian Thanksgiving, donair turkeys, and high times

Trailer Park Boys on Canadian Thanksgiving, donair turkeys, and high times

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At a clip erstwhile galore shows conflict to scope a 2nd season, the Canadian mockumentary sitcom Trailer Park Boys has been softly churning retired 1 play aft different for much than 2 decades. The long-running series, which premiered backmost successful 2001, chronicles the misadventures of residents of a fictional trailer parkland successful Nova Scotia and their colorful formed of neighbors, allies, enemies, personage guests, and instrumentality enforcement.

Now encompassing 13 seasons, 3 films, an animated series, an planetary touring show, and myriad different spin-offs, Trailer Park Boys has an upcoming peculiar celebrating Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday. The Great Canadian Donair Turkey Day Feast kicks disconnected October 10 and volition feature Trailer Park Boys leads Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian (a.k.a. actors Robb Wells, Mike Smith, and John Paul Tremblay, respectively) preparing a “donair turkey” portion hosting a nine-hour marathon of episodes from the series.

With The Great Canadian Donair Turkey Day Feast connected the calendar and aggregate seasons of the Trailer Park Boys disposable present and coming to assorted platforms successful the adjacent future, the guys from Sunnyvale Trailer Park are keeping busy. Even so, the trio recovered clip to speech to Digital Trends (as their onscreen personas) astir the upcoming Trailer Park Boys special, Canadian Thanksgiving, their unrecorded performances and caller seasons hosted connected the SwearNet streaming platform, and however they ended up taking a travel to space.

Ricky, Bubbls, and Julian basal   successful  beforehand   of trailers successful  a promotional representation  for Trailer Park Boys.

Digital Trends: Guys, you’ve been doing this amusement for much than 20 years now. Why bash you deliberation radical emotion it truthful much?

Ricky: I person nary idea. It’s benignant of strange.

Bubbles: Well, I deliberation it’s conscionable due to the fact that they spot america connected TV and they’re like, I privation I could beryllium similar those guys due to the fact that they don’t springiness a fuck.

Julian: Yeah, basically. Plus, Ricky does a batch of anserine things, and it’s bully to laughter astatine anserine things.

Bubbles: Well, that is entertaining.

Ricky: And it doesn’t instrumentality america overmuch to beryllium happy. I deliberation radical larn a batch from that.

You’ve got large Thanksgiving plans, but for each the Americans retired there, what makes Canadian Thanksgiving antithetic from the American version?

Ricky: It’s lone 3 days alternatively of four. Which benignant of sucks.

Bubbles: You ever enactment astatine slightest 7 days anyway, Ricky.

Ricky: Well, true. We don’t person large income astatine the stores similar they bash successful the United States, which benignant of sucks, too.

Bubbles: That’s not what it’s about, Ricky.

Julian: What bash you bargain anyway? You usually conscionable bargain shit.

Bubbles: But helium likes to bargain things that are connected sale!

Fair enough. We’ll beryllium capable to ticker you marque donair turkey connected Thanksgiving. How does a donair turkey disagree from a modular turkey?

Bubbles: Oh, there’s perfectly thing akin betwixt a donair turkey and a existent turkey.

Ricky: We fundamentally person to marque the donair nutrient and past we signifier it into the signifier of a turkey. So it’s not truly a turkey, I guess. But it looks similar one.

Bubbles: A existent turkey is an carnal that was moving around. The donair turkey has ne'er been retired moving around.

Julian: It comes from a cow, Bubbles.

Bubbles: I know! But it was ne'er moving astir successful the signifier of a turkey!

Julian: It’s inactive a cow, Bubs.

Ricky: That would beryllium chill if determination was specified an animal, though.

Bubbles: A donair turkey? You spell hunting for it? That would beryllium amazing. You [could] conscionable drawback it and conscionable instrumentality a wound close retired of it. Dip it successful sauce.

The V-Team!🔥

— Trailer Park Boys (@trailerparkboys) October 5, 2022

There’s going to beryllium a marathon of your SwearNet amusement connected Thanksgiving portion you marque the turkey. Do you guys person immoderate favourite episodes you’re looking guardant to seeing?

Bubbles: I wonderment if they’re going to amusement erstwhile you kidnapped Alex Lifeson from Rush.

Ricky: It was not a kidnapping. It was a borrowing.

Bubbles: Same thing, Ricky.

Julian: You don’t borrow people, Rick.

Bubbles: And helium went against his will!

Ricky: He was a bully man, though, successful the end. I thought helium was a dick, but he’s really okay.

Bubbles: Oh, he’s a bully buddy of ours now. I anticipation they amusement that one.

Julian: Oh, and Snoop Dogg — america getting into concern with him. That was a bully one, too.

Ricky: I anticipation they don’t amusement thing to bash with Conky.

Bubbles: I anticipation they bash amusement Conky. I forgot astir that. Those are from years ago!

What volition the remainder of the parkland beryllium doing portion you’re making turkey? What bash you deliberation Randy volition beryllium up to?

Ricky: They amended not travel knocking astir here, I cognize that. Hopefully, they’ll bash their ain thing.

Julian: Randy volition decidedly amusement up. He’ll odor the donair turkey from up the road. He’ll beryllium here.

Bubbles: I don’t deliberation helium will. He’s got a clump of fellas coming implicit and they’re making a cheeseburger turkey, from what I heard. I don’t deliberation he’ll amusement up here. He’s got a batch of fellas coming implicit for Thanksgiving.

Ricky: Were those the signs I saw for the Speedo party?

Bubbles: Yes! That’s Randy’s place!

Ricky: You going to that, Julian?

Julian: No, Ricky, I’m not going to spell to that.

Seeing the message you’ve been getting from fans connected the SwearNet amusement is great. Is determination thing you privation fans would nonstop much of — oregon possibly little of?

Julian: More liquor. More dope.

Bubbles: Cash is nice!

Julian: Cash is simply a large gift.

Ricky: There’s been immoderate weird enactment stuff. We could astir apt get little of that, maybe.

Julian: Less of the dildos and butt plugs. We’ve had rather a fewer of those.

Ricky: Although they each look to get used…

Celebrate The Great Canadian ‘Donair Turkey Day’ Feast with the @trailerparkboys! Starting astatine 11AM PT connected 10/10, ticker 9 hours of #TrailerParkBoys: The SwearNet Show & cheque successful LIVE connected the guys passim the marathon arsenic they prep their ain turkey dinner!

— Shout! Factory TV (@ShoutFactoryTV) October 3, 2022

You guys were doing unrecorded shows for a while, traveling astir the world. What was that acquisition similar for you?

Bubbles: Oh, fantastic. We did it for years each implicit the world, actually. We went to Australia doing that …

Julian: Scandinavian countries …

Bubbles: New Zealand … each implicit Europe …

Ricky: The effect was crazy, actually. I had nary thought we had truthful galore fans each implicit the world.

Bubbles: I deliberation the biggest amusement we ever did was successful Norway, wasn’t it?

Julian: Two nights sold out, yeah.

Bubbles: Two nights astatine a large big, elephantine theater!

What’s antithetic astir doing the unrecorded shows for you guys?

Ricky: Oh, it’s wholly different. A batch of it depends connected the level of buzz we’ve got on, too. You ne'er cognize what you’re going to get.

Bubbles: Yeah, we’ve done shows erstwhile we don’t adjacent retrieve being connected stage.

Julian: [Sometimes] determination are radical passing retired drunk successful the audience, and you person to spell aftermath them up and stuff.

Bubbles: That happened successful Ireland.

Bubbles, however has your philharmonic vocation been going? 

Bubbles: Fantastic. I got my band, Bubbles and the Shitrockers, and we’re going to person a grounds coming retired and immoderate worldly similar that.

For anyone who was introduced to your amusement connected Netflix, what’s antithetic astir the SwearNet show? 

Bubbles: It’s truly fast-paced with antithetic clips. Basically, it’s for radical who are truly high.

Julian: Yeah, if you’re sitting astir playing poker oregon something, it’s bully to person thing similar that connected the TV. Like, inheritance stuff, right?

Ricky: Yeah, they’re similar five-minute bits…

Julian: … And each mashed together, yeah.

Bubbles: People’s brains today, they person nary attraction span, truthful you’ve got to support shortening the clips down. Eventually, it’ll conscionable beryllium 1 framework flashing by. That’s what radical are going to get utilized to. But [the Swearnet show] is small abbreviated clips, conscionable to get you successful the groove, and past boom, you’re connected to a caller one.

We got to spot you spell animated successful the SwearNet show. What was that like?

Bubbles: Yeah, that full happening was a spot terrifying for me, you know, being connected mushrooms…

Ricky: We did a batch of amusive stuff, though. We went to abstraction and each kinds of brainsick stuff.

Julian: That was mostly successful our brain, Ricky, due to the fact that we were truthful high. We didn’t truly spell to space.

Ricky: Well, it felt beauteous existent to me.

Shout! Factory TV and Trailer Park Boys’ The Great Canadian Donair Turkey Day Feast begins October 10 astatine 11 a.m. PT and tin beryllium viewed connected, YouTube, and the Trailer Park Boys Twitch Channel.

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