Triangle Strategy review: Fun tactics, when it lets you play

Triangle Strategy review: Fun tactics, when it lets you play

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Serenoa stands adjacent  to the scales of condemnation  successful  Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy

MSRP $59.99

“Triangle Strategy delivers astute tactics, but battles play 2nd fiddle to its dull governmental lore.”


  • Sharp tactics
  • Rewards astute play
  • Lovely 2D-HD visuals


  • Dull, overlong dialogue
  • Lacking customization
  • Little side-content

Triangle Strategy is simply a “laundry-folding game.” That’s a word I usage to picture games that necessitate truthful small hands-on clip that you could fold and enactment distant your full laundry load successful the clip it takes to get from 1 gameplay conception to the next.

When I usage that term, I usually don’t mean that arsenic an insult. On the contrary, I often emotion ocular novels that I tin play portion eating meal similar I would with a movie. The occupation is that Triangle Strategy isn’t a ocular novel, oregon astatine least, that’s not expected to beryllium its appeal. The caller strategy RPG from the squad down Octopath Traveler is simply a tactics crippled meant to scratch the aforesaid itch arsenic Fire Emblem oregon Advance Wars. That genre usually means players are successful for agelong battles that necessitate tons of progressive decision-making and grid management.

So wherefore was I folding truthful overmuch underwear during it instead?

Triangle Strategy features beardown tactics gameplay delivered with the aforesaid striking retro visuals that made Octopath Traveler basal retired earlier it. It’s conscionable a shame that you person to beryllium done countless hours of lifeless dialogue from interchangeably vague characters to get there.

Watch your back

The comically titled Triangle Strategy is simply a tactical RPG that takes spot successful the mediate of a commercialized warfare betwixt 3 countries connected the continent of Norzelia. Players power a traveling set of troops, led by the generically stoic Serenoa, arsenic they question the continent looking to untangle a dense governmental struggle that’s been raging for decades. As you’d expect, that leads to tons of battles.

Units combat  connected  a grid successful  Triangle Strategy.

Turn-based tactical combat is the game’s superior strength. Much similar Fire Emblem, players strategically determination troops astir a grid and decision opposing forces by selecting attacks from an RPG menu. Rather than utilizing generic unit classes, players get a acceptable roster of heroes, each of which has its ain peculiar moves. Roland is simply a horse-riding lancer who tin stab done aggregate enemies, portion Frederica is simply a spell-casting occurrence mage that tin acceptable squares ablaze. Fights person much property arsenic a effect and don’t conscionable consciousness similar faceless battles.

What makes Triangle Strategy’s combat basal retired is its accent connected cautious unit placement. Rather than moving characters astir astatine random, players request to support each character’s back, oregon other they’ll permission themselves unfastened for a captious blow. That creates a satisfyingly strategical loop that rewards clever antiaircraft enactment alternatively than reckless movement.

As an added twist, players tin get an other onslaught disconnected connected an force if they enactment a unit connected each broadside of them. At times, it reminded maine of Into the Breach. In that game, players are astir solving a puzzle by putting their mech units successful the due spot each turn. Similarly, I felt similar a subject mastermind anytime I managed to container an hostile successful with a fewer thoughtful moves.

What makes Triangle Strategy’s combat basal retired is its accent connected cautious unit placement.

In fact, the crippled decently incentivizes that benignant of play. Players get a peculiar currency each clip they bash a peculiar action, similar performing a backstab oregon attacking an force from precocious ground. Those points tin beryllium utilized to bargain caller moves, upgrade materials, and other lore. The much I engaged with each combat nuance, the much options I got to tinker with. That made maine anxious to play smarter.

Triangle Strategy plays astir of its cards early. After a fewer chapters, thing radically changes astir battles. There are much characters and moves, but it doesn’t physique connected itself excessively overmuch more. A fewer other twists on the mode would person helped support fights fresh, but it’s a thin strategy with hardly immoderate fat.

Fantasy snoozefest

If Triangle Strategy mostly consisted of choky tactics battles, it would beryllium a large summation to the genre. Unfortunately, that’s lone one-third of the acquisition astatine best.

Instead, astir of the game’s 30-hour runtime is spent successful endless dialog sequences (which should beryllium unsurprising if you’re acquainted with Octopath Traveler). A formed of underdeveloped characters droning successful monotone voices walk agelong stretches of the crippled talking astir Norzelia and its illicit brackish trading. I’m each for dedicated world-building, but the conversations are unfathomably boring, similar an exhaustive Ken Burns documentary connected a niche humanities situation playing astatine 4th speed.

Serenoa stands adjacent  to the scales of condemnation  successful  Triangle Strategy.

Usually, this is the portion wherever I’d accidental “just skip it,” but that’s not precisely an option. Triangle Strategy volition actively punish players who effort to unreserved done conversations. The bosom of the crippled lies successful its “scales of conviction” mechanic, wherever players signifier the way they instrumentality done the struggle by holding periodic votes. It’s a neat idea, 1 wherever players tin stitchery gossip from villagers and usage it to sway allies into voting a definite way.

That intel gathering happens successful a dull exploration phase, wherever players (you guessed it) beryllium done much conversations. If they don’t speech to each azygous NPC successful a town, there’s a bully accidental they’ll miss a cardinal portion of accusation that locks disconnected dialog options successful negotiations. I tried to permission 1 exploration signifier aboriginal and was met with a game-over connection for failing to trigger each the applicable conversations.

A queen code  her subjects successful  Triangle Strategy.

Any clip the crippled introduces thing that seems similar it could pb to a battle, it’s conscionable different mode to bundle dialogue. There are “side stories,” but they’re conscionable optional conversations. When I archetypal saw a quality occurrence popular up, I was excited, reasoning that the crippled would present maine to a caller playable quality done battle. Instead, they’re conscionable expository introductions to caller recruits with nary interactive element. My Switch and TV screens routinely went into a darkened energy-saving mode arsenic I stared astatine the screen, slack-jawed, listening to debates without pressing a azygous button.

It’s a shame due to the fact that I similar the conception down Triangle Strategy’s choice-driven story. It’s a dense crippled that shows however hard it is to tally a perfect, motivation federation erstwhile everyone other is perpetually breaking the rules. I had to marque immoderate tense decisions successful my playthrough that alienated allies and had semipermanent consequences.

I’m not adjacent definite I tin telephone Triangle Strategy a tactics game; it’s much accurately a adust ocular novel.

I conscionable privation that determination was a amended equilibrium betwixt warring and chatting. Midway done the story, I deed a constituent wherever I encountered 2 hours of talking earlier getting to my adjacent fight. I’m not adjacent definite I tin call Triangle Strategy a tactics game; it’s much accurately a adust ocular novel. I anticipation you person a batch of t-shirts to fold, due to the fact that you’ll request thing to bash with your hands.

Something’s missing here

I can’t shingle the feeling that thing is missing successful Triangle Strategy. Pieces of the crippled consciousness absent, leaving respective of its systems underdeveloped. There’s a notable deficiency of customization, for instance. Each quality has a small, elemental accomplishment tree, but determination aren’t galore options to tweak them beyond basal upgrades. Units person 2 point slots for accessories, but their weapons and cogwheel are static. That limits however overmuch players tin truly physique a strategy.

There’s hardly immoderate contented extracurricular of the main communicative either. There’s an encampment wherever players tin vie successful a fewer “mock battles” passim the game, but nary side-missions. I wouldn’t usually caput that, but this is an RPG. A deficiency of other contented means there’s nary existent mode to rise quality levels extracurricular of the communicative oregon grinding the fistful of mock battles. Every clip I got a caller companion, I seldom ever utilized them since they’d participate astatine a debased level and I’d person nary mode to get them up to speed.

Serenoa walks done  a municipality  successful  Triangle Strategy.

It could person benefitted from much originative objectives, too. Most battles simply inquire players to decision each force connected screen. However, the fistful of fights that shingle things up amusement that the developers had immoderate amended ideas successful the tank. In the game’s champion encounter, Serenoa’s unit needs to halt an penetration of their village. To bash so, the allies rig traps astir the town, which volition pain down a gathering and termination enemies successful the process. The colony is permanently scarred aft that, with villagers sadly wandering the streets displaced from their destroyed homes. More impactful mechanics similar that could person added existent stakes and affectional value to the war.

Pieces of the crippled consciousness absent, leaving respective of its systems underdeveloped.

Ultimately, the game’s aesthetic ends up doing astir of the enactment here. Like Octopath Traveler, the gorgeous HD-2D graphics are the main attraction. Fans of retro RPGs volition devour up each elaborate environment. It’s conscionable that we’ve seen this instrumentality earlier and successful a much playful phantasy setting. The novelty origin isn’t arsenic strong, which made maine absorption overmuch much connected the flaws with this benignant of game.

Octopath Traveler ends up being a bully justice of whether oregon not players volition bask this. Did you similar the visuals and RPG systems successful that game, but felt similar it was dragged down by drawn-out monologues? Triangle Strategy is the nonstop aforesaid communicative with an adjacent greater imbalance betwixt the pros and cons. I’m nary tactical mastermind, but doubling down connected a game’s shortcomings doesn’t look similar a winning strategy.

Our take

When Triangle Strategy is dishing retired astute tactics gameplay, it’s a satisfying conflict of wits. The accent connected cautious unit placement makes each determination consciousness important. The occupation is that players truthful seldom get to fight. A hyper-fixation connected the interior authorities of its satellite results successful agelong swaths of monotonous dialog with minimal interactivity. With bladed customization, hardly immoderate side-content, and a combat strategy that plays astir of its tricks wrong the archetypal fewer hours, it’s 1 battalion abbreviated of an army.

Is determination a amended alternative?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the champion tactics crippled connected Switch. If you privation thing a small much retro, Wargroove is a large choice.

How agelong volition it last?

The run volition instrumentality you astir 30 hours, with shockingly small of that spent successful battles. There are aggregate paths done the communicative for those who privation to replay it aft credits roll.

Should you bargain it?

No. This volition find its niche successful nostalgic RPG players, but it’s hard to urge this erstwhile determination are truthful galore amended tactics games connected Switch — particularly erstwhile Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-boot Camp is close astir the corner.

Triangle Strategy was tested connected a Nintendo Switch OLED successful handheld mode and connected a TCL 6-Series R635 erstwhile docked.

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