Tricks for Managing the Start Menu in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Tricks for Managing the Start Menu in Windows 10 and Windows 11

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Microsoft seems to rethink the Start paper with each caller mentation of Windows. Jumping from Windows 7 to 8.1 to 10 to 11 tin marque your caput rotation with each the caller tools and tricks you person to larn earlier you tin afloat navigate the menu. Even aft you get utilized to the changes, determination are ever hidden features you whitethorn not cognize about. Whether you usage Windows 10 oregon Windows 11, here’s a rundown of however to astir efficaciously usage and negociate the Start menu.

Windows 10 Start Menu

win 10 commencement  menu

Click the Start button successful Windows 10, and each your installed apps are listed alphabetically arsenic shortcuts. Most of them look individually, but immoderate (such arsenic Windows Accessories) are nestled successful folders that you click to spot the contents.

start folders

To the near of the app database are icons to entree Documents, Pictures, Settings, and Power. If you privation to peek astatine the names of the icons without having to hover implicit each one, click the Expand icon astatine the apical of the Start paper pane. The names for each icon are brought to light. Click the Expand icon again, and the pane returns to its condensed view.

Select Pictures or Documents to unfastened each respective folder connected your PC. Click the Settings icon, and the Windows 10 Settings paper pops up. Choose the Power button, and you'll uncover astatine slightest 2 options: Shut down and Restart. If you're utilizing a laptop, different options volition appear, including Sleep and Hibernate.

account settings

Click the icon for your relationship sanction to entree further options. Choose Change relationship settings to show your relationship surface successful Settings. Click Lock, and you are thrown backmost to the Windows 10 Lock screen. Select Sign out to log retired of Windows and fto different idiosyncratic motion in.

shortcut options

To negociate apps close from the app list, right-click connected 1 of the shortcuts to presumption a pop-up paper with a fewer antithetic options. Click Pin to Start and the shortcut for the app is saved to the tiled conception of the Start menu. Choose Uninstall if you privation to remove the app from Windows.

From the More submenu, you volition beryllium capable to pin the shortcut to the Taskbar, presumption the app’s settings, complaint and reappraisal the app successful the Microsoft Store, oregon stock a nexus to the app’s Microsoft Store leafage with idiosyncratic else. Not each apps connection the aforesaid options here.

tile options

Shortcuts from the app database tin beryllium dragged and pinned to the tiled conception of the Start menu, wherever you tin negociate them. Right-click connected a tiled app. Depending connected the app, the pop-up paper offers a fewer options, including Unpin from Start, Resize, More, and perchance Uninstall.

For immoderate apps, you tin take arsenic galore arsenic 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Wide, and Large. Under More are options to crook disconnected the unrecorded tile for supported apps, pin oregon unpin the app from the Taskbar, and unfastened the app’s settings, among others.

tile groups

Apps successful the tiled conception tin beryllium dragged into antithetic sections. By doing this, you’re capable to spot related apps into their ain groups. Click the abstraction supra a radical of tiles to make a sanction for that group. If you driblet 1 tile connected apical of another, it places them some into a folder. You tin past make a sanction for that folder.

start settings

You tin besides customize definite aspects of the Start menu. Go to Settings > Personalization > Start. The enactment for Show much tiles connected Start adds other abstraction to the tiled conception truthful you tin compression successful much apps. The enactment Show app database successful Start menu determines whether the app database is disposable erstwhile you click the Start button.

If you privation Windows to marque app recommendations, take Show precocious added apps, Show astir utilized apps, oregon Show suggestions occasionally successful Start to show them astatine the apical of the Start menu.

Enable Use Start afloat surface if you similar to spot the Start surface implicit the Start paper erstwhile you click the Start button. Turning connected the power for Show precocious opened items successful Jump Lists connected Start oregon the Taskbar and successful File Explorer Quick Access displays precocious utilized files for a circumstantial app if you right-click its shortcut successful the Start menu.

folder settings

Click the Choose which folders look connected Start astatine the bottommost of the surface to prime the folders that you privation to entree from the Start menu. The options to amusement Settings, Documents, and Pictures are connected by default. You tin besides alteration File Explorer, Downloads, Music, Video, Network, and Personal folder.

start paper   folders

When you are done adding folders, click the Start fastener again to spot the caller icons nestled connected the near broadside of the menu.

secret commencement  menu

For 1 past tip, right-click the Start fastener to entree a concealed paper that volition let you to tally commands for Power Options, Network Connections, Windows PowerShell, Task Manager, File Explorer, Search, Run, and more.

Windows 11 Start Menu

win 11 commencement  menu

For Windows 11, Microsoft performed its astir melodramatic magic enactment with the Start menu successful years. Rather than sticking with the accustomed database and tiled screen, the institution pared down the paper into a azygous boxy quadrate with lone pinned apps disposable and an other measurement required to spot and entree each your installed apps. Though the caller Start paper has gotten a thumb’s down from galore accepted Windows users, determination are ways to navigate and customize it.

Click the Start fastener successful Windows 11. The apical of the paper offers a hunt tract to fto you look for apps, files, and settings by name. The Pinned conception shows each apps that person been pinned by Microsoft and by you. The Recommended conception displays precocious added and precocious opened apps and files. Below this conception is your illustration icon, which you tin click connected to alteration relationship settings, fastener the PC, oregon motion out. Click the Power fastener connected the close and you tin enactment Windows to sleep, unopen down your PC, oregon restart it.

app settings

Right-click connected immoderate icon connected the Start menu. The pop-up paper offers galore options, including Move to top, Unpin from Start, Run arsenic administrator, Pin to taskbar, App settings, and Uninstall.

move app

You tin besides alteration the bid of the icons by dragging and dropping them. For example, you whitethorn privation to resistance the apps you usage astir often to the apical and the ones you usage little often to the bottom.

app menu

To really presumption each your installed apps, click the All apps fastener successful the upper-right corner. Right-click connected an app successful the All apps database and you tin pin oregon unpin it to the Start menu, pin it to the taskbar, presumption its settings, complaint and reappraisal it successful the Microsoft Store, and stock its Store nexus with idiosyncratic else. You tin besides uninstall definite apps from here.

start paper   settings

To tweak the Start menu, caput to Settings > Personalization > Start. Here, you tin power Windows' app recommendations successful the Start paper by enabling oregon disabling Show precocious added apps and Show astir utilized apps. If you crook disconnected some options, the Recommended conception of the Start paper volition stay empty.

folder settings

Click Folders to adhd icons for circumstantial folders and locations to the bottommost of the Start menu. Turn connected the power adjacent to Settings, File Explorer, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, Network, oregon Personal folder to summation casual entree to these locations from the Start menu.

taskbar alignment

By default, the Start fastener is centered connected the taskbar successful Windows 11, a departure from erstwhile versions of Windows. If you similar the mode it’s ever been positioned, you tin move the full taskbar. Go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and select Taskbar behaviors. Click the drop-down container for Taskbar alignment and alteration the presumption to Left.

secret menu

For 1 last trick, you tin entree a concealed Start menu, conscionable similar successful Windows 10. Right-click connected the Start fastener to show a discourse paper of communal commands and features.

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