Trifo Ollie review: pet-friendly performance

Trifo Ollie review: pet-friendly performance

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Trifo Ollie sitting connected  carpet.

Trifo Ollie review: pet-friendly performance

MSRP $300.00

“Some bonus features are lacking, but Ollie is simply a reliable vacuum that each favored owners should consider.”


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to usage software
  • Tons of further features
  • Eye-catching design


  • Creates large and high-pitched sounds
  • Some features look underdeveloped
  • Mapping and navigation issues

Ollie is simply a robot vacuum from Trifo that’s designed for favored owners. Specifically, it’s built to propulsion escaped fur retired of each nook and cranny successful your home, utilizing a operation of almighty suction and unsocial add-on accessories. It besides comes with a fewer pet-friendly features, specified arsenic a laser pointer to support your babies entertained and easiness their vacuum-induced anxiety.

Considering it costs conscionable $300, Ollie performs up to its terms tag. It suffers from navigation and mapping issues, and immoderate of its pet-friendly features look half-baked, but favored owners should decidedly see Ollie successful their robot vacuum search.

Simple setup, intuitive app

Trifo app displaying the representation  aft  an Ollie cleaning.

Getting Ollie acquainted with your location is simply a painless process. After uncovering a spot for its dock and installing the accompanying smartphone app, you’ll beryllium capable to get Ollie acceptable up successful minutes. From the app, you tin commencement your archetypal cleaning — and this archetypal cleaning volition representation retired your location for consequent runs.

Setup takes nary much than a fractional hour, and cognition is simply a breeze acknowledgment to the smartphone app.

Once this process is completed (it took astir a half-hour for my tiny condo), you’ll beryllium capable to dive into each the customization options offered connected the Trifo app. You tin alteration suction levels, designate circumstantial cleaning areas, acceptable up restricted zones, cheque connected past cleaning stats, oregon presumption Ollie’s attraction history. You tin adjacent hole a cleaning schedule, having Ollie cleanable portion you’re astatine work.

The app gives you singular power implicit Ollie without feeling bloated. Intuitive menus, a minimalistic UI, and a location surface that shows conscionable the essentials marque this a robot vacuum anyone tin usage without hassle. And if you privation to activate its precocious features, they’re conscionable a surface pat away. For conscionable $300, I was impressed by the premium software.

Loaded with further features

Trifo Ollie sitting connected  carpet.Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Ollie is simply a robot vacuum archetypal and foremost, but Trifo decided to bundle successful a ridiculous fig of other features. These are mostly gimmicks, and astir of them don’t look astir arsenic good designed arsenic the smartphone app oregon existent vacuum. For example, Ollie comes with a laser pointer attachment that clips connected the broadside of the vacuum — but it has a penchant for falling disconnected portion successful usage and needs to beryllium manually activated. It’s a large artifact for my canine (who thinks he’s a cat), but it would person been large if Trifo managed to automate its performance.

The clip-on attachment tends to autumn off, making the laser pointer and aerial freshener unreliable.

The aforesaid goes for the aerial freshener, which is contained successful the aforesaid clip-on gadget arsenic the laser pointer. When Olli is successful action, the aerial coming retired the backmost is expected to waft implicit the aerial freshener instrumentality and destruct odors. But due to the fact that the clip-on attachment tends to autumn disconnected oregon rotation retired of place, I’ve ne'er noticed fresher aerial aft an Ollie run.

Rounding retired the database of extras is simply a true-color camera to seizure video, two-way audio, and question detection. These features enactment overmuch amended than the above, and favored owners volition astir apt get immoderate bully mileage retired of them. They don’t rather enactment arsenic good arsenic a dedicated indoor camera, but they’re a bully bonus for folks who don’t already person the tech.

Pet hair, beware

Ollie with Pet Hair Extractor installed.Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Pet hairsbreadth is the bane of immoderate favored owner’s existence, and Ollie’s cardinal intent is to region each traces of it from your home. The robot vacuum comes preinstalled with the modular rotating brush, but there’s the enactment to instal the Pet Hair Extractor — a instrumentality that allows for 4,000Pa suction and easier entree to favored hairsbreadth lurking connected your floors.

Installing the attachment is remarkably simple. After powering disconnected Ollie and flipping it connected its back, each you request to bash is propulsion a quick-release lever, region the rotating brush, and clip successful the Pet Hair Extractor. The instrumentality is tangle-free and is intended to connection accrued suction to propulsion up each spot of favored fur successful its path.

Pet owners with hardwood floors volition emotion the Pet Hair Extractor.

Unfortunately, my results with the attachment were mixed. Testing revealed that it worked champion connected laminate oregon tile floors, whereas carpeted areas inactive had fur embedded adjacent aft respective passes with Ollie. Because determination is minimal oscillating enactment with this attachment, fur that’s been trampled into your carpets simply can’t beryllium removed — adjacent erstwhile pulling astatine maximum suction.

However, favored owners with hardwood passim their homes volition emotion the device. Not lone does it enactment wonders connected escaped fur, but there’s virtually nary attraction required for the device. And since the Pet Hair Extractor doesn’t person a brush, there’s thing to detangle oregon clean. Just bare the dustbin aft each cleaning, and you’re acceptable to roll.

Since my location is mostly carpeted, I stuck with the modular rotating brush. Each cleaning resulted successful a dustbin afloat of fur (gross), which is casual to bare without getting your hands dirty. That’s the lone regular attraction you’ll request to execute aft each cleaning. You’ll periodically privation to cheque the roller brushwood for hairsbreadth accumulation and cleanable disconnected a fewer interior filters, but Ollie is amazingly self-sufficient.

Regardless of which attachment you’re using, Ollie does a coagulated occupation cleaning your full home. I did tally into a fewer navigation and mapping issues (such arsenic getting confused connected its mode backmost to the dock oregon missing a tiny information of my kitchen), but I recovered that simply remapping the country restored Ollie’s consciousness of direction.

Our take

Although Ollie isn’t perfect, it is inactive a large prime for favored owners connected a budget. The Pet Hair Extractor is large for maintenance-free cognition connected hardwood floors, the elemental app makes it casual to docket your cleanings, and each the quirky extras marque it basal retired successful the crowded mid-range marketplace. If you’re not a favored owner, however, see different enactment — your $300 is paying for a batch of features you simply don’t need.

Are determination amended alternatives?

Yes, but they thin to transportation hefty terms tags. The iRobot Roomba s9+ is arguably the champion wide robot vacuum, but you’ll wage astir $1,000 for its performance. If you don’t request each the pet-specific features, we recovered the Yeedi Vac Max to connection akin show and pricing.

How agelong volition it last?

Trifo offers a one-year constricted warranty for the product, though we’d expect it to past overmuch longer. The full lifespan of the instrumentality volition mostly travel down to however often you execute attraction and however often you vacuum.

Should you bargain it?

If you’re a favored proprietor connected a budget, yes. If you’re not a favored owner, see checking retired immoderate different robot vacuums that connection a akin terms tag but don’t travel bundled with features you won’t use. Our roundup of the best robot vacuums is simply a large spot to start.

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