Trucking simulator shelves Russia-themed expansion after Ukraine invasion

Trucking simulator shelves Russia-themed expansion after Ukraine invasion

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 has shelved an upcoming Russia-themed enlargement battalion aft the country’s penetration of Ukraine, its developer SCS Software has announced. In a blog post, the Czech Republic-based developer said that it has cancelled the imminent merchandise of the Heart of Russia DLC battalion “so that it is not perceived successful immoderate mode arsenic being successful enactment of oregon tolerance of the aggression.”

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has go a cult deed since its merchandise successful 2012, starring its developer to enactment it with implicit fractional a twelve large pieces of DLC successful the years since. These packs person expanded the game’s representation and added caller countries for players to thrust through. When it was officially announced in March 2021, SCS said the Heart of Russia expansion wouldn’t let players to thrust done the entirety of the country, but aimed to scope the “upper Volga river.” Limited parts of Russia are already disposable to thrust done successful the crippled acknowledgment to its erstwhile Beyond the Baltic Sea expansion.

According to the developer, the Heart of Russia enlargement was astir six to 8 weeks distant from being implicit connected February 24th erstwhile the penetration began. Initially, the institution says it contributed to humanitarian assistance charities, and aboriginal donated each proceeds from the income of its Ukrainian Paint Jobs Pack DLC, which has present sold implicit 85,000 copies. But yet it was forced to marque a determination astir the representation enlargement DLC itself.

“When processing our games we effort to beryllium arsenic apolitical arsenic possible, successful a mode shielding the planetary subordinate assemblage from mundane controversies,” the developer writes. “We rather similar the thought that our shared passion, for a motortruck simulation, allows radical to connect, to wage a virtual sojourn to a neighbouring state successful peace, and to bask a hobby that we commonly share, alternatively than allowing thing divisive to acceptable america apart. But since our DLC, Heart of Russia, straight concerns Russia, and with truthful galore radical suffering, we decided to refrain from releasing the DLC.”

SCS’s blog station leaves the doorway unfastened for the DLC to beryllium released 1 time successful the future. “When the clip comes for Ukraine to rebuild and heal, past we volition endeavour to find a mode for our Heart of Russia DLC to play immoderate portion it tin successful that healing process, for everyone,” it writes.