Twitter apologizes for personal data misuse with timeline alert

Twitter apologizes for personal data misuse with timeline alert

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If you saw an alert from Twitter successful your timeline contiguous astir its usage of “use of your idiosyncratic accusation for tailored advertising,” you don’t needfully request to panic. But the alert links to a connection from the app that is decidedly worthy reading.

The alert from Twitter is appearing wrong your timeline — we saw it this greeting via the desktop web mentation of Twitter. The timeline alert is simply a announcement that Twitter “may person served you targeted ads based connected an email code oregon telephone fig you provided to america to unafraid your account.

Twitter's idiosyncratic   information  timeline alert to its users.screenshot

This alert past links to a Twitter Help Center article that reads similar an apology connection from the vertebrate app itself.

The contented that the alert is referring to is the information that recently Twitter reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) implicit its gathering and usage of Twitter users’ email addresses and telephone numbers for targeted advertising. As today’s timeline alert notes, that idiosyncratic accusation was provided by users to assistance unafraid their accounts, but Twitter besides utilized it to service targeted ads, without users’ knowledge.

Selecting the Learn More fastener successful the timeline alert opens a nexus to Twitter’s Help Center nonfiction connected the taxable successful which the vertebrate app explained the timeline of events that led to the colony with the FTC. In the statement, Twitter says that the idiosyncratic info was utilized successful targeted ads until September 2019 and past said since past that they “are nary longer utilizing telephone numbers oregon email addresses collected for information oregon information purposes for advertising.

Twitter besides mentioned that users’ telephone numbers and email addresses were not shared with advertisers and that users don’t request to bash thing with respect to this issue.

The connection ended with an apology to users and offered a nexus to a signifier to interaction Twitter’s Office of Data Protection with immoderate questions oregon comments astir its usage of idiosyncratic data.

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