Twitter is building two new ways to handle tweet replies

Twitter is building two new ways to handle tweet replies

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Replies connected the vertebrate app could beryllium getting a makeover, arsenic Twitter is seemingly moving connected 2 caller features that could signifier however we respond to tweets.

On Wednesday, Jane Manchun Wong posted screenshots of 2 antithetic reply-related features that Twitter is building. The first of Wong’s tweets featured a screenshot that showed disconnected an enactment to “Start a Space astir this Tweet.” And the 2nd tweet Wong shared had a screenshot of a caller “Pin Reply” feature.

Is quote-tweeting not enough? Twitter is moving “Start a Space astir this Tweet” truthful you tin speech astir it each you privation

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 11, 2022

If you’re not familiar, Twitter Spaces is simply a diagnostic that allows users to big oregon be a unrecorded audio chat known arsenic a Space. Which means that the “Start a Space astir this Tweet” would let you to big a unrecorded audio chat astir a fixed tweet. It is unclear if this enactment would lone beryllium disposable for one’s ain tweets oregon if it could besides beryllium used, arsenic Wong’s tweet and its replies look to imply, to make an audio mentation of quote-tweeting different users’ tweets. If Twitter goes done with making this diagnostic disposable and makes it truthful that each tweets could beryllium taxable to this option, that could so marque for immoderate aggravated quote-tweets and ratios. Those Main Character days connected the vertebrate app could beryllium a batch louder, virtually and figuratively.

Twitter is moving connected “Pin reply”

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 12, 2022

Twitter is besides moving connected a “Pin Reply” feature, and based connected Wong’s screenshots, it looks similar it would let users to pin definite replies to their tweets to the apical of the replies section. This 1 seems beauteous utile arsenic it would let users to pin replies from notable accounts, oregon replies with adjuvant information, oregon ones with peculiarly entertaining responses, to the apical of the replies conception truthful that different users don’t person to scroll everlastingly looking for those responses. And it’s a diagnostic that users are astir apt already acquainted with. This is particularly existent if they usage YouTube oregon Instagram, some of which connection immoderate signifier of that option.

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