Twitter is officially testing Notes, its long-form blogging feature

Twitter is officially testing Notes, its long-form blogging feature

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It’s been called Twitter Article before, but present the vertebrate app’s long-form posts diagnostic goes by Notes, and it’s officially being tested with a fewer users now.

On Wednesday, Twitter announced via a tweet that it was present investigating its Notes diagnostic and introduced it arsenic “a mode to constitute longer connected Twitter.”

✨ Introducing: Notes ✨

We’re investigating a mode to constitute longer connected Twitter.

— Twitter Write (@TwitterWrite) June 22, 2022

Based connected the (long) GIFs included successful Twitter’s tweets announcing the feature, Twitter Notes appears to beryllium a long-form blog station enactment that Twitter users tin utilize to stock substance posts that are longer than 280 characters. These posts tin besides incorporate photos and tweets and they’re known arsenic Notes. They are created successful a composer instrumentality known arsenic Twitter Write.

Once a Note is shared, it volition look successful users’ timelines arsenic what Twitter’s Help Center nonfiction refers to arsenic a “Note card” — which are conscionable tweets that incorporate “Note previews and links.” Selecting these links volition unfastened the Note wrong Twitter for users to read.

At this time, Twitter’s Notes diagnostic trial is not wide disposable and is constricted to “a tiny radical of writers.” But portion you whitethorn not person entree to creating your ain Notes connected Twitter close now, you tin inactive presumption and work immoderate of the Notes that person already been published arsenic portion of the test.

Twitter’s tweeted announcement for Notes besides includes a bid of Note paper tweets that diagnostic links to these already published Notes. You don’t person to beryllium a portion of the trial to presumption these Notes.

Bethany Brookshire (@BeeBrookshire), 'Save the galaxy, devour a porg?'

— Twitter Write (@TwitterWrite) June 22, 2022

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