Twitter is reportedly working on a vibe check feature

Twitter is reportedly working on a vibe check feature

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Twitter is reportedly moving connected a diagnostic that allows users to acceptable a status, codenamed “Vibe.” The imaginable diagnostic was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and reverse technologist with a way grounds of spoiling upcoming app updates.

Screenshots shared by Wong amusement a “Set a status” tract supra the tweet composer box. A dropdown database has 5 pre-set vibes, nary of which dependable that fun, including “shopping grocery” and “driving highway.” It’s unclear if statuses volition beryllium constricted to presets oregon if users volition beryllium capable to adhd customized updates beyond what Twitter creates.

Twitter is moving connected “Set a status” successful Tweet Composer, codenamed “Vibe”

You tin deliberation of it arsenic thing akin to Instagram Threads app’s Status

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) April 22, 2022

The presumption diagnostic is simply a spot reminiscent of Facebook “feelings” appended to posts, and Wong compares it to statuses connected the now-defunct Instagram Threads messaging app.

Vibes could beryllium connected a per-tweet ground with each station having its own, oregon connected a illustration level with the presumption appearing connected tweets and connected the illustration view. Twitter users attending a league oregon live-tweeting from an lawsuit often already alteration their show sanction to bespeak what they’re doing, truthful a profile-level presumption could mimic that practice.

Image via @wongmjane

In an representation shared with The Verge, a screenshot of Wong’s illustration shows a placeholder presumption utilizing mock information appearing beneath her show sanction (to the Twitter worker and chap A.G. Cook fan: hello!).

Twitter did not instantly respond to a petition for remark and it’s inactive unclear when, if ever, the diagnostic volition spell live. But if customized statuses bash go an option, a full big of different questions arise, similar what benignant of statuses volition beryllium allowed and however the atrocious vibes volition beryllium moderated.

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